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BCW Return to Kilmarnock Grand Hall


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It has nearly 3 months since BCW ended 2010 with a spectacular show in Killmarnock. No Blood, No Sympathy VIII was widely considered by many to be one of the strongest British shows of the year and was enjoyed by the 300 plus in attendance. It was a night of new champions as the young popular combination of Blaze & Rampage beat the models to win the BCW tag team titles and the returning Lionheart outlasting Darkside in the battle royal to once again become BCW heavyweight champion.

Ever since the show one man has been bombading the BCW office with angry emails and phone calls on a daily basis. Kid Fite is outraged that he wasnt granted a spot in the battle royal and has openly said it was a conspiracy by BCW management to stop him winning the title. Kid Fite has since demanded a rematch with Lionheart from their match that took place just a few hours before Lionheart regained the BCW title. The match has been granted and when BCW return to The Kilmarnock Grand Hall on February 26th 2011 it wil be Kid Fite vs Lionheart with the BCW title on the line. Both men had standout matches all across 2010. 2011 has already seen Kid Fite win gold in Denmark aswell as debut in Spain. Fans would have to be blind to have missed the fact that Lionheart made his TNA debut on January 27th against American superstar Jeff Jarrett. A match many say that Lionheart would easily have won if it wasnt for the dirty underhand tactics of Jarrett.Both men have got of to a great start in 2011 and by the looks of the commets below both are super confident of picking up the victory in Kilmarnock.


Kid Fite - 'Everyone saw me beat him clean at Killie then 2 hours later he flukes a victory and wins the title. Fact I wasnt in that Battle Royal and if I had been I would be champion right now.'


Lionheart - 'Fair enough to Kid Fite. He did manage to pin me on my return which was a shock. It was also a wake up call that the standard had risen in my time away from BCW. He can moan all he wants, bottom line. I was in the battle royal and won the battle royal and come Febuary 26th I only have one thing to say to you Kid Fite. Expect Different.'


BCW Heavyweight Championship Match


Kid Fite v.s Lionheart ©


More matches to be announced very soon ...

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Well its funny you say that as i bring you what i think will be a breathtaker of a match.


Andy wild will be Hitting the ring in Kilmarnock Grand Hall on Friday 25th Feb. This man has been making waves all over the world it seems not content with conquering the uk his name has been remembered in such countries as Germany , Spain and Denmark

and also news just came in that he is booked to appear in America.

But one man is looking to stop this upcoming superstar in his tracks after hearing his name getting mentioned in nearly every wrestling venue in germany the german psycho Bad Bones is not happy about the success the scotsman is having in his country and is coming to Kilmarnock Grand Hall to make sure the youngster never returns to any country let alone germany


Will Andy Wild be able to do what many BCW superstars have failed to do and stop the german psycho???



Andy Wild v.s Bad Bones





Sorry for the delays in announcing matches guys but im sure this was well worth the wait and i can assure you the Next Match will be announced very soon.


BCW Managment

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Unfortunatly Wolfgang cant make the show Due to previous commitments we hope this doesnt dissapoint the fans too much and can only apologise. But bearing this in mind it also leaves Jack Jester now without an opponant !


Who will be brave enough to take on the power of the deranged Jester????

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With only a few hours passed the man that has accepted the challenge to take on the deranged Jack Jester has stepped forward... this man is no other than 13 year veteran of the ring and owner of British Championship Wrestling The Highlander.


Highlander has came face to face with some of the most dangerous wrestlers and been involved in some mouth opening matches ever to take place in a uk ring but none of these opponants quite like Jack Jester .Will Jester be able to bring to the ring a type of match that highlander has ever experienced?? as we all know with Jester Always exect the unexpected!!!!


Jack Jester v.s The Highlander



Friday 25th Feb

Kilmarnock Grand Hall

doors open 6.30 first bell 7.00

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Ever since the demise of former BCW Tag Team Champions RedWolf, Red Lightning has delclared war on not only BCW but Scottish Wrestling as a whole. After spending several months taunting former partner Wolfgang, Lightning fell short of a victory at No Blood No Sympathy however still ensured he had the last word...leaving Wolfgang unable to compete in Kilmarnock.


After a glitch against Wolfgang, Lightning did, however, make it to the Final Four of the BCW Heavyweight Title Battle Royale, being pinned by Lionheart who succeeded James Scott as the new BCW Champion. It was during this match that Red Lightning scored an ever decisive pinfall over James Scott, which eliminated him from the match and thus officially ended Scott's 17 month reign as champion.


Red Lightning is determined to succeed as one of Scotland's top professional wrestlers and is evdiently prepared to do absolutely anything to achieve this. James Scott, angry at the manner in which Lightning eliminated him from the 4 Way match (by pinning him immeditaley after a Jack Jester interference leaving Scott knocked out), has requested a singles match with Lightning at Kilmarnock.


Red Lightning responded with the following comment:


"What better way to kick start MY year by pinning the former Heavyweight Champion for the second time in 2 months. Watch this space"


Sensationally, this is the first time these two have locked horns since 2006 in any competition. And only the 2nd time these two will ever have collided in a wrestling ring. Either way this is set to be a scorcher!


Red Lightning v.s Darkside




More matches coming your way very soon

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BCW Openweight Championship Match


BCW Openweight champion B.T Gunn is having a very successfull run with the Openweight belt but one man has his eyes set on putting that run to an end.


This friday in Kilmarnock Grand hall Noam Dar has his eyes set on putting the Openweight championship in his newly bought display cabinet and with nearly everyone in the country calling him "the one to watch this year" this very could be a possability


we spoke to Noam at the weekend and he had this to say...


" B.T Gunn has only been keeping that belt warm for me and i thank him for that but on Friday he has to accept that his time is over he knows he cant match the technical skill and ability that i possess and if ithe rumors are true that WWE are watching him then they better watch this match closely and recognise they are watching the wrong person when i walk out of Kilmarnock Grand Hall with the Openweight Championship belt"


BCW Openweight Championship Match


Noam Dar v.s B.T Gunn

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Well folks its nearly show time and what better time to announce the challengers for the BCW tag team championship.


probably the loudest reaction of No Blood,No Sympathy was when youngsters Blaze ,n,Rampage lifted the tag team championship in Kilmarnock Grand Hall and now returning to the very same venue they are looking to keep there hands on there hard fought titles. But this isnt gonna be easy as with a lack of Tag Teams in scottish wrestling 2 men have decided to join forces to take on the fan favourites and make there mission to walk away as tag team champions almost impossable.


Tag Team Title Match


"Bad boy"Liam Thomson & Joe Coffey v.s Blaze,N,Rampage


Plus "the manager of champions" Charles Boddington will be on hand to yet again stir up the Kilmarnock fans as he has asked for 5 minutes to address the BCW fans.

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