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SWA in February! Motherwell, Feb 11th & Bridgeton Feb 12th


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I hope its Lionheart v Falcon in the tournament :thumbsup:


it reads like both of the are in 2 different matches.


Suppose, but they are the only 2 announced as having tournament matches, and I dont see anyone else listed as having one so maybe im just assuming. Who is actually all left in the tournament anyway?

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BT Gunn


Johnny Moss



Adam Shame


Damian O'Connor - already had his match.


Aw thanks for that :)


Right well of the names there id guess a Bt Gunn and Johnny Moss final at the gathering show. Jester or Adam Shame isnt good enough imo. And it cant be Lionheart in the final either, so that only leaves Falcon as the wild card :thumbsup:

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No problem, I always thought BT Gunn vs Johnny Moss was meant to be a match in the next round but didn't happen because of reason that came up.


Aw, well assuming falcon beats lionheart which he needs to then maybe it could turn out to be a 3 way final for something a bit different. Moss, Gunn and Falcon? :thumbsup:

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In Motherwell on the 11th...


CJ Hunter and Joseph Kerr will make a bid for the tag team championship; Adam Shame will have a warm up match as he prepares for his British tournament quarter final; Lionhear will challenge BT Gunn for a place in the Gathering and of course we'll have James Scott making the challenge to Scott Renwick in the main event!


And on the 12th in Bridgeton..


Lewis Girvan will finally get his chance to face Glen Dunbar for the T-Division Championship; Black Samurai versus Dicky Divers; Nikki Storm versus Sara; Falcon versus Jester in a British tournament match, the winner making it to the Gathering and Scott Renwick being challenged by William Grange.


Plus WMD in action, Andy Anderson making his way to the Scramble match at the Gathering and more!

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Not a bad card there


Predictions ~


Bt Gunn will beat Lionheart and go to The Gathering

Falcon will beat Jester and go to The Gathering

Scott Renwick will beat both James Scott and William Grange and go to The Gathering


If all of the above doesnt happen il be very very surprised

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Motherwell Results 2-11-11


Andy Anderson def Lionheart [after match LH gave AA his Gathering spot in a show of respect{thinking brforehand that it would be an easy W for him}] [no mention of BT Gunn At-All]

WMD & EG Mackie def Innovation2 & Micken [No Freddie da Funk]

Lewis Girvan def The Machine w/Glen Dunbar

Tricky Dickie Divers w/Jam stopped Adam Shame [persistant knee attack]

Scott Renwick def James Scott w/Alessandro Moi


Decent show, Good Attendance & Bridgeton should be better

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