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Wrestling Observer Awards


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So the awards for 2010 are out and are as follows:


Wrestler of the year- John Cena


MMA Most valuable fighter- Brock Lesnar


Most outstanding wrestler- Daniel Bryan Danielson


Best box office draw- Brock Lesnar


Feud of the year- El Generico v Kevin Steen


Tag Team of the year- Kings of Wrestling(Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)


Most improved- Sheamus


Best on interviews- Chael Sonnen(UFC)


Most charasmatic- John Cena


Best technical wrestler- Daniel Bryan Danielson


Best brawler- Kevin Steen


Best flying wrestler- Kota Ibushi(Dramatic Dream Team)


Most overrated- Kane


Most underrated- Kaval


Promotion of the year- UFC


Best weekly TV show- Ring of Honor wrestling


Most outstanding fighter- Georges St-Pierre(UFC)


Match of the year- Undertaker v HBK at Wrestlemania 26


Fight of the year- Leonard Garcia v Jun Chang-Sung(World Extreme Cagefighting)


Rookie of the year- Adam Cole(ROH)


Best non-wrestler- Vickie Guerrero


Best TV announcer- Joe Rogan(UFC)


Worst TV announcer- Michael Cole


Best major show- UFC 116


Worst major show- TNA Hardcore Justice


Most disgusting promotional tactic- Stand up for WWE


Worst TV show- TNA Impact


Worst worked match of the year- Kaitlyn v Maxine on NXT


Worst feud of the year- Kane v Edge


Worst promotion of the year- TNA


Best booker- Joe Silva(UFC)


Best promoter- Dana White(UFC)


Best gimmick- Alberto Del Rio


Worst gimmick- Orlando Jordan


Best pro-wrestling book- Countdown to lockdown- Mick Foley


Best pro-wrestling DVD- Breaking the code: Behind the Walls of Jericho.


What do you all I think. I agree with pretty much all of them.

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worst worked match of the year?

for me its the 10 diva tag team match at wm26. wtf was the ending all about? a HEEL Vickie Guererro goes to the top rope for a tribute (summat a FACE woud do), doesn't even nail it first time, gets up, doest it from the ground and wins!!! WTF!!!


that being said i kinda agree with the NXT match, bit if i were choosing, it would be the wrestlemania match XD


and long as Daneilson is alive, he's always gonna be the best technical wrestler!!! :D

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