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Wrestling v Theatre, Feb 9th-13th, The Arches, Glasgow


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"Drummonds don't fight. My great grandpa was a pacifist, my grandad was a medic, my father is a preacher, and me... I'm just scared. I backed out of my first fight in the playground at the age of eight and I've been turning the other cheek ever since.


Well, enough is enough. For the past five months I've been in training. Learning holds and lifting weights. Manning up, I think they call it. So the next time someone disrespects me, the next time someone insults or threatens someone I love... things are going to be different."


Rob Drummond is a playwright used to performing in theatres across the country. Damo, The Antagonist and The Mercenary are wrestlers used to being in the ring. On 9th February, the two sides will collide as Drummond is slammed into the world of Scottish professional wrestling.


For the past several months, Rob - a lifelong wrestling fan - has been training at an unmarked lock-up in Linwood, Renfrewshire, with professional wrestlers and trainers from the Scottish Wrestling Alliance. Head trainer at SWA's Area 52 Wrestling School Damien O

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I've been told the Arches is getting fit up for this with a wrestling dislay, personal items from the cast and classic wrestling videos being played in the foyer from today. Plus, SWA Laird of the Ring Champion Joe Coffey will be doing physical displays of strength every night of the run starting tomorrow.


And they have a preview of his training regime here:



If you're heading along, you can pre-book tickets here: http://www.thearches.co.uk/events/arts/rob...mmond-wrestling


It should be interesting to see wrestling and theatre merging into one.

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