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Rare wwf show dvds for sale!


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if anyone is interested let me know.


Showdown at shea 1976

Showdown at shea 1980

Wwf invades Japan 1979

Wwf vs Nwa msg 1980

Wwf at the spectrum..backlond v muroco 1 hour match 1981

Wwf steel cage tournament 1984

Wwf Jr lightweight tournament 1984 Japan

Wwf black Saturday 1984

The road to wrestlemania 1

Wwf Chicago am with opera

Wwf san Juan purito downpour 85

Wwf screwed richer v moohla 85

The very best of wwf 1985

Slammy awards 198

Wwf big event

Very best of wwf 1986

Wwf superstars 1986 year in review

Wwf road to wrestlemania 3 (everthing that led up to wm..85 matches,int,etc)

Wwf frank tunney tagteam memorial 1987

Wwf Paul boesh retirement show 87

Wwf legends battle royal 87

Wwf slammys 87

Very best of wwf 1987

Wwf 4th July special .88

Wwf invades Milan Italy 88

Wwf Halloween special 88

Wwf primetime in Paris 88

Wwf masters of muscle 89

Wwf UK tour 89

Survivorseries showdown

Wwf ultimate challenge special 90

Wwf v ajpw 90

Summerslam fever 90

Wwf new years special 90

March to wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 7 post party

Wwf v sws wrestlefest 91

Wwf hotticket history and heros 91

Wwf king of the ring 91

Summerslam spectacular 91.92.93

Wwf hulk Hogan real American story

Hogan v flair..first time ever

Wwf wrestledream 91

Wwf Tuesday in Texas

Wwf wrestlemania 7 instant replay debate

Wwf live at Wembly arena April .92

Wwf v war 92

Bret hart v flair iron man match 93.

Wwf euro Paris rampage 93

Wwf slamjam 93

Wwf newyork rumble 94

Wwf countdown to crowning 94

Wwf hart attack. Bret v Owen 60 min match 94

Wwf Sunday night slam aug 94

Sun night slam Nov 94

Wwf hall of fame 95

Wwf a night to remember 95

Stu hart 80th birthday anniversary. Bulldog v bret 95

Wwf raw bowl 96

Slammys 96

Wwf xpress stadium show 96

Wwf worldtour Kuwait 96

Wwf royal rumble raw 97

Wwf Thursday raw Thursday 97

Wwf raw. Ecw invasion 97

Wwf European tournament 97

Wwf summerslam flashvack .97

Wwf Friday night main event 97 x2

Wwf raw saturday night 98

Raw is Owen

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