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Another Free Wrestling Demonstration from wZw & the North East Wrestling Gym, Sunday January 16th


On January 16th, wZw will present another FREE ENTRY Wrestling Demonstration featuring stars of wZw and the future of the North East Wrestling Scene!

rted tSet to appear....


Full Pack (Micky L & Iain Robinson)

AJ Anderson

Lewis DJ


Mountain Back Jack



Matches so far...


Katsu & a partner of his choice vs Full Pack

After picking up the win over Micky L, tag partner Iain Robinson stepped straight in and ordered a tag match, claiming Katsu can choose anyone he wishes to team with, also promising to.... and I quote.... "Smash Katsu's teeth in with a dream sequence"


Mountain Back Jack vs AJ Anderson

AJ challenged MBJ after the 6 foot 7 giant managed to choke slam the wZw original. The new addition to a lot of companies rosters since he started his training at the NEWG 18 months ago.


Do you want to be on this show?


On our Christmas Demonstration, we invited wrestlers from around the North East to participate, and we featured some new faces. The Promoter of NEWS was also there to see these new faces. He was very happy with what he saw, and who knows, we may see some of those faces on their shows one day.


We again invite you to participate, any trainees or up and coming wrestlers from the North East to join us at the training session, and we will let you demonstrate your skills at the later event. We also invite any promoters from anywhere in the UK to come and see the up and coming talent the North East scene has to offer.... after all, entry is free


Any question, inbox away

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taken from North East Wrestling Gym's Facebook Page

*********** DEMONSTRATION DATE CHANGE *****************


Please not, we are re-scheduling the January Demonstration. Due to the scheduled Football match Sunderland vs Newcastle, we have changed the date to Sunday 23rd January. We asked Sunderland if they could re-schedule, but apparently Sky won't let them.... something about a TV deal.


Anyway, the pre-planned matches will go ahead, just a week later than advertised.

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In the opening contest saw a 3 way dance, featuring AJ Anderson, Johnny "Red" Reels, and Mountain Back Jack.

Jack got the win after 2 chokeslams, one on each opponent.


Next up brought tag team action, as NEWG Instructors Iain Robinson & Micky L aka Full Pack went up against the new team, of "Jumping" Jack Flash, and Smash Adams.

Flash & Adams got the win with a double leg Nelson, Flash on Robinson.


Then we went to an open house, Lucky Lottery Rumble match. Micky L thought he was the last man standing to win, but he forgot that the match included all members of the NEWG, and that meant Ref "Lightning" Luke Lock sneaked in as the last man, eliminating the cocky Micky L.


We would like to support all the friends and family of the trainees who come and watch us every month. We hope you enjoy things, and you are a massive help in the development of these young talented wrestlers. Join us once again on February 20th for our next demonstration.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the demo, some top wrestling and some genuine LOL moments. Anyone wrestling should attend for a different point of view into their training and development and any wrestling fan should attend. If it costs you a few quid to get there who cares cos its free and really fun.


There was a care free attitude that served the show and talent well and these are the places to try things and it all came across great yesterday, well done to all concerned

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