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FWA @ Expo Oct 2010


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Brief Day One Results from www.fwauk.com


  • Jack Gallagher defeated Zach "Diamond" Gibson.
  • Zack Sabre Jr defeated Paul Tracey.
  • Nick Riley defeated RJ Singh. Singh had earlier challenged Spud to a match, however Spud chose Riley as his replacement due to injury. Spud then "found a new job" as Singh had suggested, and played Singh's music to provide the distraction for Riley to get the popular win!
  • Zach "Diamond" Gibson and Axl Rage defeated Jack Gallagher and Richtor.
  • The Agenda (Iestyn Rees and Joel Redman) defeated Zach "Diamond" Gibson and Axl Rage after Rage walked out on his partner.
  • Leroy Kincaide defeated Dave Moralez by disqualification after Martin Stone pulled referee Chris Roberts from the ring after Kincaide had hit the spear.


Full results round up coming soon!

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