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  1. Good God almighty! New Jack speaking some truth right there!
  2. ESPN Podcasts Page Theres a pretty in depth, and considering its ESPN (ie mainstream), pretty sensible discussion not only into the Benoit death and how WWE handled it on the above link. Its the BS report and features Meltzer.
  3. Cheers Andy. I know you werent trying to kill us all with cyber terrorism. At least not on purpose. I was just pointing it out incase it was the files and sendspace had tampered with them or whatever. Like I say, I wouldnt really know either way. Just my PC went bannana as I was downloading them, so I though I'd better say something, just in case. Anywho........ This thread has entirely too little hip hop for my liking. Granted, my contributions aren't exactly 'underground', 'unknown' or 'left field', but these say a little bit of Summer to me: Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard I can't describe how much I love this tune. Can't help but feel Summer when I hear this. When I used to work in an ice rink (with no f'n heating!) I could 'feel' Summer with this, so there must be something there. Anyway, grab your drink of choice, turn up the volume and watch the rain pissing down. King Bee - Back By Dope Demand Some random old school hip hop. Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight What can I say? This is just awesome nearly 30 years later! (1979? I may be wrong.) The Roots - Lazy Afternoon The uber awesome Roots. Perfect for those (very rare) days were its just damn hot to do anything. Also, its not hip hop, but one of my previous contributions a few pages back 'Lord I Come Before You' by Salvador is very Summery. I'll re-up if its dead and peeps actually want it.
  4. Thats a real possibility. My PC is in the process of dying a slow painful death. Being that I am not the most computer savvy person going I though I better bring it up just incase it was the files. My virus thingy seemed to catch it all, and a scan caught nothing afterwards, so I dont know either way. Wasnt a personal attack on you Andy by the way.
  5. Just want to point out that I think one the files on this page is virus ridden. While I was downloading one of Andy's (I think) my PC went bannana and my virus killing thingy started going on a major killing spree. Im not having a go at either Andy or Baztim (Sevens doenloaded before it all kicked off), as I know youre regular contributers to this thread especially, I just want to point it out so others dont fall foul or it can be fixed.Still loving thread, and looking forward to more summery musac. I'll upload something at some point in the not too distant future. (Note to self: Find some cool music. There's gotta be some somewhere in my collection. )
  6. Seeing as this has dropped to the THIRD page, I'll post a little something. Jesse James - Shoes Liking that M Ward stuf by the way.
  7. You think the worst is over after she lands on the ground after Red not catching her but Storm squashes her good and proper. A sore one. I've seen a lot of early Nasville TNA and don't remember that spot!!Did Red even try to bother and catch her?! He looks like he is bent half over and facing the wrong way. Brutal clip, I don't know if its worse being a female performer or not, but it really makes me cringe. Ouch.Thats what I was thinking. I mean its one thing 'missing' her, but no one seemed to even realise the spot was happening. Kid Kash too. Or the the Jonny Storm spot. Was that planned? I mean, I dont know the 'context' of the match, but was the point of those 20 seconds purely to kill Trinity?
  8. Seeing as this thread has dropped again, and this song has been stuck in my head all day: Bowling For Soup - Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
  9. Just to bump this thread back onto first page, some ska punk goodness: MM Bosstones - You Gotta Go!
  10. Seeing as Ive just downloaded the vast majority of the links that are still active, I thought I may as well try to contribute myself: Salvador - Lord, I Come Before You (Live) Live version of Christian latin-pop type deal. Stumbled across this on a random Sky channel years ago, and when I decided to splurge on some random downloads on Napster, this is one of the first ones I looked for. Funky feel good music. Very summery.
  11. That mixtape is awesome. Real quality funky hip hop. Love it. Please feel free to burden us with any similar offerings. And why has it taken me this long to find this thread? (Note to self: Pay attention more)
  12. Just like to pat myself on the back. *Patting*The Murray game just won me
  13. The Scotland and NI games are the ones I'm concerned about, with the ROI also being a potential bananna skin (and in honesty, a draw). Im not much of a sports gambler, poker is more my thing, but like to put the occasional 'heart' bet on (usually an accumulator like above or with the North East teams). Must say, I also put a bet on Andy Murray for tomorrow night. 3/1 to win two sets to one seems a good bet to me. He's British enough, and slighty injured, to make life difficult for himself (ie drop a set) but freaky talented enough to win regardless (see his game last night ). That being said, when he loses I'll take full responsibility. My luck hasnt been the best of late (long story).
  14. Now come on, England aren't that bad surely..... As a collective of individuals no. As a team under McClarens *ahem* 'leadership', yes. Hasnt stopped me putting an accumulator on for all 5 home nations winning on Weds. Highly unlikely when you look at the fixtures. Was feeling frivilous, what can I say?
  15. Just incase anyone hasnt seen this link. Bookmark it. I have. Its great. And he updates it.T.I.T. No Mercy Ladder Match: Hardys v E&CAs an example of the greatness. Mr.Haraga, I think I love you. I've been looking for this match for absolutely bloody ages.