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  1. I had the honour to call Drew McDonald a friend. It wasn't always an easy relationship and we fell out a couple of times over the years, but if I had to sum him up I would say that he was interesting (the stories he would tell) intelligent, obstreperous, proud and passionate about pro wrestling in a career that had taken him all over the world. He wasn't the greatest technical wrestler in the world, but he was the best heel in the business, and knew how to stir up an audience with the best insults and one liners I've heard. He was also quite a humble man. He didn't believe that he was a "legend" in the world of wrestling the response this sad news has generated, proves that he will be remembered by wrestling fans everywhere he wrestled, and that would have made him happy. As a heel you don't get to feel the crowd's love or admiration, and I think he found that hard some days. He loved wrestling in Germany for example, where he could be who he wanted to be. But with his body and looks he was a scary proposition, to opponents and the audience. In real life, he was softly spoken, loved his fishing and adored his animals, dogs especially. He once said to me that if I was in a river drowning, and there was also a dog drowning in that river, he would rescue the dog. Didn't surprise me for a second :-). He had been in hospital for three months fighting stomach cancer, there wasn't much hope but he kept on fighting. I'm just glad that he died at home surrounded by family. I will always remember making his entrance to the ring, solitaire swaying over his shoulder, face set with a determined grimace. The way he would have wanted to be remembered? As a professional pro wrestler, doing the job to the best of his ability. I will miss him.
  2. Not sure that it's been verified but I did hear that Jimmy Ocean suffered a heart attack over the weekend. If that is the case I'm sending you get well soon wishes Jimmy, and hope that you have a speedy recovery!
  3. I was shocked by his appearance at the PCW show he did on his farewell tour, he looked so ill. I was just grateful for the opportunity to see him one last time, and the reception he got from the crowd was very emotional. Don't have any problem with him making a video, fans weren't under any pressure or obligation to contribute to the making of it. And I find it quite an inventive way to earn a bit of a retirement pot. When wrestlers have to give up their jobs it must be very hard to find a new role in life, and because the pay's not great there's not much of a chance to save up whilst you're wrestling. Good luck to him
  4. Totally agree. If I could go back in time and see just one wrestler in a match live, it would be a Dynamite match - preferably with Rollerball Rocco or Marty Jones. But when I read the book I realised that he is a complete twat. Yes he's crippled, but the reason he is in a wheelchair is that he took risks in his wrestling career that he probably shouldn't have taken. Some of the moves he did, the flying etc were incredible but he's paid the ultimate price. So I'm not going to feel sorry for him, as far as I am aware, no-one forced him to wrestle as hard as he did. I just hope that wrestlers of today don't mess up their bodies the way he did with his own.
  5. He is the one wrestler I wish I'd seen wrestle. On the old WOS clips he was awesome even as a teenager, an incredible natural talent.Think there's only one question that I'd put to him if I had a chance and that is:- Was it worth it?
  6. Went to see Looper last night - it was a good film, as opposed to a great film - but it didn't blow me away.
  7. Good film - they copped out with the ending though
  8. Totally agree with you. It dawned on me (whilst watching trailer for Skyfall) just how good Daniel Craig is. Imho he and Sean Connery are up there as my favourites - Craig has brought a hardness and intensity to the role, looking forward to the new one
  9. He's supposed to be Whiplash. But a lot of modern superhero movies don't seem to be in the habit of assigning titles any more - I suppose it's because, in real life, who's responsible for assigning them? I'm reading a biography of Rourke at the moment in which he refers to his character's role as Whiplash. He also went over to Russia and visited a prison there apparently for his role in Iron Man 2. I didn't realise he took to researching his roles so stringently but have always been a fan of his and am still, to this day, gutted he didn't get the Oscar for The Wrestler but he has that film to thank for getting his career back on track - even if he didn't get paid for it alledgedly
  10. Just to re-iterate what other forum members have said already in this thread - I would consider buying FSM if it had more coverage of the british wrestling scene which I consider to be getting stronger and healthier all the time. I do appreciate that you have to get the balance right - in other words, the content has to reflect what the majority of wrestling fans want to read about (i.e. the US scene) in order for you to sell more copies, but thought I'd give you my personal opinion.
  11. He certainly has the look - incredibly muscle bound - but character, charisma call it what you will, is non-existent for me. But in a way that's no bad thing heading where he's heading because he's a blank canvas. I do struggle sometimes though to see the x factor in potential wwe stars of the future that Drew sees. But then I'm not a pro-wrestler with nearly thirty years in the business am I.
  12. Gobsmacked! Lionheart has been huge in Scotland for the majority of his career, but I just felt he was starting to make a big impression further afield - and I too thought he may be off to WWE, so this news is a big, big shock. But I wish him well with his future endeavours - he will be missed
  13. Hmmm - No.33 please?!
  14. It's taken me a few days to clarify my thoughts about this show such was my anticipation ahead of it and elation just after it, but here goes. Firstly what a brilliant venue for a wrestling show, an unusual choice but a clever one. As a musician I have played in the Concert Hall on several occasions and I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but it definitely gave the show a special feel which was right and proper for a Supershow. A lot of praise has already been given to Josh Bodem and I can only add to that - a big responsibility opening up the show but he seems to thrive on it and does so well. I have to say that I am intrigued by the background and pedigree of his opponent on Saturday, the mysterious Bedlam - so for a masked wrestler to spark that curiosity and fascination I guess it's job well done. I will be interested to see him on show again. The 8 man tag was good but I think will be remembered more than anything for Cyanide's moonsault. He teased the audience with a will he or won't he moment, and I was literally holding my breath. It's always impressive when big men fly - (or should that be fall, gravity kind of kicks in) but it takes guts and the occasion demanded something extraordinary and Cyanide did just that! I had been looking forward so much to the Ladies Championship match - Jenny is my favourite female wrestler on the planet and April has incredible tenacity - but for me it just failed to deliver what it had promised after the intensity of the brawl these two had some weeks ago outside of the ring. They both seemed up for it but it was like they were trying too hard right from the very quick start. I think a slow build would have done this match more justice, the intensity felt forced but have to say that I'm enjoying watching women's wrestling a lot more than I used to, and I think that FutureShock has been right to embrace it and give it the respect it deserves with atheletes like these two. There has been a bit of criticism levelled at The Models and at Joey Hayes in particular, but I have to confess that they can do very little wrong in my eyes. I love the co-ordinated cat walking and the throwing back of the heads. It might be they were overselling a tad at this show, but again I think that like all the wrestlers on this show, they were trying very hard because of the sense of the occasion. And yes, Bailey and Daniels really work well together, so it was a win win situation for me. You could start to feel the change of atmosphere as the cage was being assembled - the growing sense of tension was palpable and I was feeling nervous for the wrestlers. That feeling was somewhat dissipated by Dave's entrance - it was perfect, and fitted his personna so well that you couldn't imagine it being done any other way. Very clever. There were one or two slips in this match but the overwhelming spectacle and theatricalityof the cage dominated the proceedings. I couldn't say that I enjoyed the match as much as that I endured it but well done to Dave and Zack, it was gutsy stuff. And then for the grand finale. It felt very surreal watching a string quartet being helped into the ring but again, a brilliant touch. This moment promised much and it did not disappoint. I know of no other wrestler who enters the ring to a piece of classical music but Jack has made this piece his own and it works so well. We have all heard Davey's praise and admiration for Jack after their last match so it was a shock to see the slightly heelish turn of Davey's character during this match. Even so - as has been commented on already, the entire crowd was shocked and disbelieving of the final moments and Jack's defeat - which is exactly why it was such a brilliant end. I sat in my seat thinking "what just happened here?" and it took a few minutes to digest. Yet another twist and turn - it's a wrestling soap opera and it gets me every single time in that Usual Suspect/Sixth Sense kind of a way. For me this International Supershow was a celebration of FutureShock Wrestling and all they have acheived over the last few years. I still manage to find things they can improve upon but in the last couple of years in particular, they have come of age and are deservedly known as one of the best promotions in the uk. I look forward to their next celebration in who knows where
  15. Morrissey this saturday The mighty Muse in November :)