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  1. Sadly I've not been able to get to a show since Liger came over but will be there tonight. Glad to hear that the seating problems have been sorted, although I was very impressed with the help on the night last time. Andy - I've only just looked at the tickets properly. I have an extra ticket for a different block. Has anybody reported a ticket being missing at all?
  2. Just read on NFL.com that Brett Favre has decided to stay retired which is probably for the best. Most people will forget his dodgy season with the Jets and he'll retire a Packer. If he'd have played badly next season I think it would have tarnished his legacy somewhat. I think the competition between Jackson and Rosenfels will be interesting and they may have enough to succeed without a superstar QB.
  3. Signed up as 'Hearny's All-Stars'. First time playing the fantasy league although I did quite well in my first season in the predictions thread last year. This is my second full season following the NFL and i'm quietly confident i'm going to do well this year. Very quietly!
  4. Mono & Palahniuk's Laughter were the tracks I had heard. Thanks for the suggestions, will be sure to check them out. I think I remember you saying you saw Muse on their 2006 tour. I'm really looking forward to the new album. You not seeing them again?
  5. I've heard nothing but good things about Fightstar, especially in a live environment. I can't say im at all familiar with their stuff, perhaps you could recommend some listening? I heard a few tracks from their first EP which I really enjoyed. I just can't believe some people still make jokes because 'LOL HE WAS IN BUSTED". It's such a tired and pointless argument. I am seeing Kasabian tomorrow at Brixton and hoping to get tickets for their Wembley shows as well. I have Reading Festival followed by Franz Ferdinand (Brixton) and then MUSE at the 02 Arena!
  6. Has anyone got the X-Box 360 wireless bridge adapter? I just had to unplug it because a game of PES2008 was just unplayable on live and now i've plugged it back in the power light is not coming back on. I'm hoping it's not buggered. Any ideas?
  7. Has anybody got the HD-DVD external player? I've just got a 19" Samsung HD TV (Yeah i'm skint!) and getting the 360 for Christmas. Thinking about the HD DVD player although i'm not sure if it's worth committing to HD or Blu Ray at this stage but really just want to see what all the fuss is about.
  8. Can anybody confirm for me that the 'Arcade' console comes with a 3 year warranty? I may hold out a bit longer so I can buy the elite but I can hardly afford the arcade as it is! Has anyone bought this console and so far had a good experience.
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