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  1. Currently at 44, and 3rd in the sound track chart
  2. Jack "I worked for NWA TNA" Hazard is definitely a name i'd forgotten
  3. Have just been watching videos of P90x success videos and I'm really interested. However. Most of the guys have been overweight and I'm a fraction under my ideal (by approx 5lbs) for my height, would this work for me or would I lose too much weight and look like a ripped aids victim?
  4. sorry for dragging this thread up, wasn't appropriate for the new figure thread. never really had any figures when I was a kid (apart from hogan, 'Taker and 'Quake), so am making it all up now I'm in my 30's. Picked up some bargains recently. Got all of this for
  5. me and my epic beard, sorry for the facefriend pose, I know it makes me a massive gayer
  6. Thanks TripleA! Pretty pleased with those seats then
  7. Does anyone know how the seating works at Newcastle Metro? Got Block A row G, seats 25 & 26. Any idea which section of A they would be in as the seating plan has the whole area round the ring marked off as block A. D'oh can't get link for seating chart to work, if anyone can help that'd be great
  8. Was done by Bob Backlund long before Jericho did it....
  9. best looking housemates in a single series??
  10. She looks a bit rough, you're right
  11. I really hope Heaven gets violently ill at some point over the next few days
  12. I can't wait for Uncharted 3.. number 2 is the only game I play on a reg. basis and the multiplayer on the new one is awesome
  13. I find I cant change gears without it
  14. she probably doesn't hate it that much, her sister writes for them on a regular basis (and the sunday times which is a news international paper.....)
  15. Makes up for his hairline by growing it on his face