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  1. Mr JL

    Joe Biden

    He could have stopped it. What do you think? Should he have stopped it? You cant blame Trump for this.
  2. Mr JL

    Joe Biden

    As there was a Donald Trump thread, i thought it would be good to have a Joe Biden one. What are peoples opinions of Mr Biden? I was very surprised no one really mentioned his decision to pull the troops out and leave billions of pounds worth of artillery to terrorists. Do you think Donald Trump would have got more stick for doing this? I think Joe gets an easy ride from the left wing media personally. Hes out of his depth big time.
  3. Chubby and Bernard were good at what they did. You cannot deny they were great performers and gave their audiences what they wanted. I do not follow comedy these days, but when i see the odd ‘stand up to cancer’ advert on the comedy channel and it has that Joel bloke who is on everything nowadays or some unfunny woman cracking shit jokes, it makes me think, who actually watches these mediocre modern comedians? Who is the other posh bloke who appears on the Sky 1 programme with Jamie Redknapp? They are all terrible. I had a great holiday in Magaluf in the late 90’s. We went to The Only Fools and Horses bar in the day, swigging local brew watching Chubby Brown live on a big TV, followed by Only Fools and Horses episodes. Then out looking for the back scuttle in the evening.
  4. I have it on good information that The Hardy Boyz music used to be on the TVX Freeview.
  5. I’ll be very surprised if Warrington fights Lara again.
  6. Paddy The Baddie is a very good watch. He could have been a Von Erich.
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