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  1. There’s obviously a number of factors that have led to this but perception is reality as Vince loves to say. If the ratings continue to look like this for the next couple months it will only further legitimise AEW to TV execs and in the media. That’s why booking Omega-Dragon for next week makes so much sense, strike while the irons hot. TV is the biggest money maker these days and they’ve never been hotter than they are now.
  2. I thought Hayter was pretty great in that trios match, properly leant in to everything and made Riho’s dive to the outside look really brutal. She’s had a couple rough moments so far but is clearly willing to take a beating. Her eating Tay Conti’s strikes down the road has potential.
  3. They’ve been so good in that role, the way AEW books keeping so many top guys rarely losing requires people like that to plug in against them and 2.0 have been brilliant doing it. Garcia has been tremendous as well especially considering his experience level. Wouldn’t be at all surprising to see him vs Dragon shortly, can’t wait. That last segment was near perfect, Punk on comms was great and the final staredown was all you needed to end the show.
  4. Alvarez mentioned that the Wyatt rumours are far from a definite, his gut feeling is that he actually won’t be coming in.
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