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  1. Can you remember when or what it was that made you realise the moment/s that these big, muscle bound supermen weren’t really trying to kill each other in there? I can’t remember the exact point tbh but had been told it was fake in the playground numerous times but refused to believe it but I can remember sitting watching Smack ‘Em Whack ‘Em with my brother & friend and we were calling out which moves were real & which weren’t. There was no way any move from the top rope were fake & I think we established all finishers were legit too. Right up until the attitude era certai
  2. I think they’ll stick with 2 night ‘Manias now. If they can sell out stadiums twice in a row then I’m sure they will. Kinda takes the magic away a little I think if they do choose that route. Thoughts?
  3. Vladimir was a hoot. Genuine excitement & amazement when seeing him on every PPV VHS we ever got bought. Seconded Neon Shellsuit couple. Have to mention Hulk Hogan guy that was at KOTR 93 & certainly a handful more. Fond memories of Bowlcut Kid as well although I think he was just featured on promo rather than being at multiple events.
  4. JBL looks 10 years younger than he did in 96. Booker hasn’t aged in at least 5 years either. Lawler as much as I love him...
  5. The Mounties could definitely ride on some of the political division & difference in opinion about law enforcement in the States at the moment. Umaga in the 80s is a great shout, kind of on a similar note would Yoko have been even more over in Hogans mid late 80s heyday, I think that could have been phenomenal. Bam Bam’s unique look & unreal ability for a man of his size would fit right in at anytime. I could see him being an enforcer for a whole host of factions. Imagining him & Bossman as a corporation tag team has got me thinking if only.
  6. Breeze had the Insta thing down but I mean the total The Model package. Duke The Dumpster in the hardcore match era would have worked but time. Ready made for it. Could have reappeared either against Cactus & Chainsaw as some Dumpster expert. Also Adam Bomb. Then. Now. Forever.
  7. Hey all, my first post so go easy please & a happy ‘Mania weekend to all that will be watching. As the title says, gimmicks in different eras. Which gimmicks do you think could have worked as well or even better in another era? I think Rick The Model Martel could have been elevated to superstardom in an era where Instragram vanity is at an all time high. A few tweaks to update the character & the Arrogance would be right on the money I think. Lots of ways you could go with it too & the vignettes and promo material could be endless. A seriously dark, twisted, dare I s
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