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  1. Hi I have 60 figures (opened and played with) from 99-2003 All TTL ( i know there is not a lot of love for these but a few people do) 3 have been slightly defaced, one was drew gloves on, another wrist bands, and the third looks like Jeff Hardys hair was coloured black and rubbed out might not be the case though. The others are in decent condition nothing hanging off or anything. I would also be willing to swap for some Hasbro, Bend Ems or the Mannix bootlegs ( which are the ugliest but my favourite) 1 meant to be a pic doesn't look like it worked damn I'm bad at this i hav
  2. Gutted this is well finished would have bought the board game and hand held game
  3. #great job they look so good. I have ordered the Blue Meanie and Nick ones missed the signed ones unfortunately away to pre-order the Ethan Page ones now but asked them if there might be signed ones of these to jump on instead.
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