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  1. Weather has been so awesome we had a cheeky BBQ tonight with a couple of friends and their new kid. Deffo got to make the most of a depressing situation.
  2. Last day of self isolation yesterday and was able to walk the dog in the sun. Everyone was in the park loving it. Not much hss changed tbh.
  3. That's what fans have been wanting for years that, moaning that the event goes on too long.
  4. Yeah exactly, but WWE is thinking outside the box all the time and not scared to try new stuff. It's not like the days where Trippers was burying new stars, WWE creates new stars and even changes how we look at PPV's. They even put the womens title on as the main event.
  5. Luther is a deathmatch veteran so mkes far more sense for it to be him.
  6. Blood And Guts, nice reference to ECW there. I prefer they came up with fresh titles.
  7. Hate spiders, so absolutely loved that segment. Drew's really coming along and can't wait for his Wrestlemania moment.
  8. Takes one to know one tho.
  9. CM Punks "This Fire Burns"
  10. Not sure why you think kids of 7 should be watching TV-14 wrestling in the first place never mind going to get autographs.
  11. Bit like taking your kid to see Snoop and getting outraged when he says "motherfucker".
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