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  1. Have you tried just asking the dude what's going on? He might tell you and satisfy your curiosity. Or not, which should also give you some closure. If I didn't personally send him any money, I'd let this go, man/men/homeslice(s).
  2. WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME WHY YOU HATE BREWDOG SO MUCH?! It's killing me. killing me....
  3. That's what I said. Excuse, me. It must be my thick Cantonese accent.
  4. Yo, Keith Houchen, will you tell me every and anything you personally feel about Brewdog? I'll make us some nice sandwiches in the meantime.
  5. "For all your differences....you are brothers on this earth."
  6. Swinger was one of my favorite heel jobbers in WCW. Block the sunset flip+gyrate hips+ get rolled up anyway+repeat 💗. Diamond and swinger where excellent in ECW...he went from swinging his hips to wanting to swing with Simon's wife, and creeping him out by telling him so. In 2019....pfffffffIdon't give a fuck. I'm old. If he can still work and hasn't cut his hair, I'm watching that shit.
  7. Also, on the subject of OWE: I was brought up not to call people 'Oriental'. When I first heard of OWE, I thought they HAD to be fucking with the workers. Then they showed up at AEW with CIMA and crew calling themselves 'Oriental'. Did their name hit any of you as racist? Edit: Just read up on it a bit. I have found that it is not officially considered racist in the British language. The word has been removed from American federal law, but that wasn't very long ago (2016). My question still stands, though, as I'd like to know your thoughts.
  8. Wasn't that the guy that turned out to be a diddler or at least highly inappropriate? Is he still running shit?
  9. Wow, that is some terrible shit to pull.
  10. Hebner's Head (1991) Cast: Hebner: Earl Hebner Animal: Dave Hebner Angel: Baby Earl Hebner Genius: Evad Hebner
  11. Global Force Gold Divers -No description -Runtime 0:00 -Episodes 0 -Cast: View all 457 cast members...
  12. Larry Sweeny. Went from being one of the freshest things in the business to hanging lifeless from a ringpost as the trainees start showing up. I get the feeling he was legit homeless when he was running his "wrestling show" in a parking lot close to that year's wrestlemania. Was some depressing shit.
  13. I think they're feeding him misinformation on account of his current lapse in journalistic integrity. Arn Anderson's gone now, too, so maybe they're just trying to figure out who's leaking stuff by feeding certain people misinformation and seeing what reaches Meltzer.
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