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  1. Voodoo

    General politics discussion thread

    Didn't hear the word opinion there, I heard the words 'I believe'. Was he lying then, or was he lying later?
  2. Voodoo

    The World Cup

    I understand the 'look at how the draw opened up, they haven't had much to beat' comments, but those comments never seem to apply anywhere else. Look at Federer's draws at Wimbledon the last few years, nobody remarks that up to the QF 4-5 years running he has faced a succession of clay-court specialists, mugs who can't play on grass, or his opponent in last year's final was literally a walking cripple! Kudos to this England squad, it's been the most engaged many people have been with their national team in many years.
  3. Voodoo

    General politics discussion thread

    Bautista must have missed this one:
  4. Have a signed 'autograph mat' (10x8 glossy) signed by both Ivory and Bradshaw for sale. Signed at a London promo event, early 2000's. Thanks https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332715190310