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  1. Although I have some sympathy for Sasha as she is capable of good matches and heel character work as shown in NXT, her time on the main roster had been average at best and at times simply cringe-worthy. Some not her fault as the writers have to take a large portion of the blame especially with that ridiculous Bailey feud, that was awful! However, her in-ring work is boring and repetitive now, I feel like she doesn't even try to do anything more than 'go out there, do the usual moves/spots...go home'. As a face tag team they do nothing in matches to try and get the crowd on their side or involved in the match and it's just dull to watch. Also I think making sly comments and unfollowing WWE related accounts on twitter is a little petty and pathetic. If she wants to leave then just ask for her release, don't throw a strop when you don't agree on dropping the belt and be an ass on twitter.
  2. Wow that article is trash 😂. You can make the argument the match itself was too long (entrances included) but to say it's a complete waste of time is ridiculous. That writer completely ignores that Batista's return was one of the best Raw segments in recent memory and this match was something these two wanted, especially Batista, so wasn't exactly thrown together to boost viewer figures. That line on not needing Lesnar, Rousey or Cena is just laughable! It seems this guy either loves or hates everything judging by his Twitter, unfortunately there seems to be a good chunk of fans like this. They can't accept an ok match, all opinions have to be exaggerated. Wrestlemania caters to everyone and this match was in my opinion decent, yes it was long but it had good spots, it's what Batista wanted as his last match and as an icon you have to at least respect that.
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