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  1. Jakers

    Has WWE run out of ideas

    Totally agree. It feels like there's different people writing each different storyline/segment with no communication with each other. Survivor Series is a good example, Raw won 6-0 apparently despite Smackdown winning the tag-team match on the pre-show... but because that wasn't supposed to happen they had to ignore it completely which just looked stupid. Given it's a product where they can literally make up their own rules to a certain extent it's amazing how much contradiction there is even within a single show and surely it's either poor writing or they think fans won't notice or care. I still enjoy WWE mostly, it's just frustrating when things don't make sense.
  2. Jakers

    Royal Rumble 2019 discussion

    Not really his fault though given the awful feuds, persona and scripts they gave him. I think he's on the up though now he's with Lio Rush and I no longer hate it when his music hits... that's something I guess.
  3. Jakers

    DEFIANT Wrestling - PAC vs Starr

    I've just booked my ticket for Unstoppable in Manchester, my first Defiant event. Looking forward to it, fingers crossed for a good show!
  4. Thought this was a very solid show. Ohno v Riddle & Belair v Baszler were not amazing but by no means a disappointment, I think certain fans expect every Takeover match to be perfection so even a decent match with a tired crowd may come across as worse than it is. I'm loving the main event story and with the aftermath of the show it makes things interesting and unpredictable, which compared to the main roster is refreshing. (also first post & new here so hello everyone!)