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  1. Hi UKFF, Former WWE, New Japan and Impact Wrestling Superstar MVP will be heading to LONDON on Sunday 18th November 2018 for a one-man show like you've never seen before! At the tender age of 16, our ballin' superstar pleaded GUILTY to Armed Robbery and Kidnapping following a violent hold-up of a Cruise Ship Casino in Florida. Tried as an adult, the future body-slammer was sentenced to EIGHTEEN and a half years … in the slammer. Now for the first time ever, MVP will be revealing ALL in a truly captivating one-man show entitled 'MVP: Most Valuable Prisoner'. [youtube] The show will give the audience an incredible, no holds barred insight into American prison life and Wrestling redemption - capturing all of its explicit yet often comedic detail, told as only the charismatic MVP can. Just HOW did he rob a Cruise Ship? Why did he do it? How does a 16 year old survive Prison?! All this and much, much more will be revealed in a truly unmissable night. It's Oceans 11 vs Grand Theft Auto vs The Shawshank Redemption in a true story unlike any Hollywood film you've ever seen!! ONE NIGHT ONLY EXCLUSIVE: There will be a very special Q&A following the event where you can ask MVP your questions! Half Man, Half Amazing? You really haven’t heard HALF of it! VIP Tickets and General Admission are on-sale NOW via Eventbrite HERE **VIP Meet and Greet tickets are 80% Sold already!** Thanks for looking.