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  1. I've had a couple of bad instances of spoilers. 1. Brock breaking the streak. I was waiting until after work to watch Wrestlemania. I made a point of avoiding social media and any wrestling websites all day. While I'm at work I get a message off my mate in New Zealand saying OMG can't believe the Undertaker lost! He quickly realised and asked another friend to email me at work telling me not to check my messages but it was too late. 2. I ordered Royal Rumble 2011 on pay per view. I was going to watch the repeat and when I ordered it, it goes it's about to start, do you want to change channel now? So I click yes and it shows me the tail end of the previous showing and I see Del Rio celebrating. Thanks
  2. I hate the yay/boo punch exchange thing while no attempts are made to block a punch.