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  2. Pick One - Dynamite Kid: Globally recognised for his legendary matches with Tiger Mask in NJPW, never really got the same amount of success in WWF. For me, the greatest wrestler thats ever lived. Pick Two - Meng: His brutal stories have become legendary, would have been great to have seen him have a main event run around the end of WCW. Pick Three - Jim Breaks: Always loved Jim Breaks, his villainous yet comic persona was fantastic. The way he used to jump up and down whining when something didn't go his way, was simply magical.
  3. https://youtu.be/Gfet2uTUfm8 Bless him....
  4. Have the confirmed whether he'll be coming out to "Living Colour"?
  5. Totally agree with that. I don't foresee Kurt Angle ever wrestling in a WWE ring again but he'd be a tremendous asset as a manger or on screen authority. It's that reason I think if paired with American Alpha the focus would be on Jordan and Gable shining and not playing second fiddle like Haas and Benjamin did. I'm not being funny mate, but we're not talking about Paul Ellering here. Its Kurt Angle, as soon as his original music hits; the light will be on him.
  6. Bret/Vince Nothing madam cringe me more than Smith Hart thinking he was amazing for being involved in the match. Everything about it was terrible, I remember watching that with my brother (A non-wrestling fan) and it was his first Bret match, I had to reassure him that Bret was once one of the best of all time. Still to this day he thinks Bret is worse than David Flair
  7. I can't really say I've ever been invited to a funeral....more gone on my own accord to pay respects using my initiative as to whether i know them in enough of a personal capacity.
  8. I wouldn't trust TMZ if my life depended on it.
  9. I think what doesn't work is RJ doing play-by-play, wrestlers/former wrestlers doing this has never work. Callum needs the role of lead commentator.
  10. Cena, Rollins, AJ, Brock and Finn Balor.
  11. I think that's rather unfair to say. With 10 title matches, this is a big thing for NJPW; probably their biggest show to date. Having ROH talent only adds to that success, but it would be just as successful without them. Elgin has his own following in Japan, its not necessarily a ROH match at all; if anything i see that match in itself more NJPW vs ROH as I see Elgin more of a NJ talent these days.
  12. I know, but what I'm saying is surely it would have been the safer option?
  13. As for Baron Corbin, I just can't help but think that the guy is just simply a cunt. Surely Corbin going on that bar crawl on his tod was a work? Can’t decide if he is in character 99% of the time on this or if he is just a knob. Still it has made me much more interested in Corbin the character than I was a few weeks ago. I wouldn't be surprised if he liked the odd ale on his lonesome...and yeah he's just a twat.
  14. As soon as they announced a tournament, i thought "Brilliant, a fresh start for everybody to show what they can do and get themselves noticed a bit". Then they announced the first match as Reigns/Big Show, that was enough for me to start smoking again... I honestly feel that the safest thing to do would have been for Sheamus to cash in when Rollins injured himself in Dublin, it would have been something different as nobody has ever cashed in on a live event (with WWE.com showing it obvs) and it would have made RAW more watchable the following monday. Also would have made Sheamus/Reigns at Survivor Series.