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  1. Just seen raw and thought it was a mixed bag but more highs than lows. Roman was great in that opening segment. He's such a smug son of a bitch. I realities he had ended the streak. Heyman cut a good promo but the braun thing was poor. They need to stop having him back down from people. I'm not keen on the the way the do the next debuts, just seems like a cheap pop. I'd you don't watch nxt then what investment do you have in the revival? If there not careful they are going to Apollo Crews everyone.
  2. I have mixed feelings about the debuts this week. I guess I feel like sticking nxt talent in front of a Florida audience following mania is easy. Do WWE have it in them to give the non nxt watching audience a reason to give a shit about any of them? Loved the Miz segment, him and Maryse have been excellent in these sketches and I normally don't like wrestling humour.I Be interested to see what happens with the shake up. Can see Becky or alexa going to raw.
  3. Goldberg Lesnar feels backwards to me. Surely Goldberg's big return culminating in beating the beast for the title at wrestlenmania was the story. The underdog challenger who can't beat the champ feels like a face storyline -especially the way they've booked it.
  4. That looks like Roman Reigns vs the Toydarians. What with this and t-bob seemingly being in the new transformers film I'm bringing to think the all the universe's are callopsing in on themselves
  5. Two three hour shows would be about right for 10 shows. Each show will be between 42 and 45 mins. By the time you have thrown in a previously on, some interviews, trailers and back stage bits the amount of in ring you need drops considerably.
  6. As your shows are quite far apart I'd imagine you would be better off going for spectacal rather than story. I'd theme the whole show on Halloween. LPW Presents: Fight of the Living Dead or The Wrestling Dead Make all your artwork like a horror movie poster or use graphics similar to the walking dead. Kit out the hall with cob webs and Halloween merchant, offer discount for fancy dress and theme each match on Halloween. Go all out as your main event have have Freddy vs Jason. Book Hornswoggle, Kevin Thorn, Boogeyman and Gangrel. There is a decent magic scene in Leeds get in touch and see who does any gory magic and incorporate it into the show. You can do loads of spooky Undertaker stuff. Fuck I've so many ideas I might just do this myself.
  7. Fucking Hell, this could finish Vince off.Surely Vince isn't that perverted?
  8. Other than the ending the Spidey cartoons great. Now they've brought Dr strange into the marvel universe I'd love them to bring in madam web and give us a multi Spiderman story.
  9. By the industry it is I've never watched a movie and thought 'I wonder if this movie has broke even, I'm going to hold off congratulating it as a good movie until it hits break even point' Or That would have been a great film if it had broke even.
  10. Probably not but it's no one's business except LPW's. I find the obsession with gate size and making profit a bit bizarre. I wonder if its exclusive to brit wres or do people sit in cinemas, theatres and football stadia asking the same questions?
  11. I'm more excited about lethal leap year than I am about mania.
  12. What's she got against Owldolf
  13. You have to treat each of his posts as separate entities all together. If you don't you'll find that he wants realistic over the top characters on a show that is both written in advance by TV people but also booked on the fly to take into consideration the opinions of wrestling fans who's opinion doesn't matter. He doesn't want fat people wrestling but a return to the good old days of earthquake, tugboat and dusty whilst he's also fed up of seeing skinny kids and longs for another Shawn or Flair. Only super attractive women are allowed on TV because real people only want to watch Major Gunns and not Becky Lynch who you can find in any supermarket.
  14. I had mine out three years ago and it's still causing me discomfort. Mine came infected so they couldn't get it all out. Wouldn't wish it on anyone. Yeah, you hear a lot about that. How painful it is after the surgery. It's putting me off getting it done. If you don't mind me asking, would you still have it out if you're still in a lot of pain now? I'm humming and hawwing about the whole thing. If I'm given painkillers (which I have, but they could be stronger) I could probably survive it staying in. I really don't want this surgery because if you look at Youtube doctor info videos of it, it's like it's the most simplest operation in the world, but they don't tell you about the TONS of complications afterwards. Yeah I would do it again, probably sooner in all honesty.