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  1. 16 hours ago, Cheapheat said:

    Hey guys. Thanks for your help. I used buysumotickets which charge a fee but they got everything stress free. I'd recommend them if you don't mind paying a bit extra as they get in on the presales too. I'm going to G1!!

    I can get my own tickets now but used buysumo plenty and they always come through. The fee isn’t huge and they always get stuff to me quick and smooth. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Cheapheat said:

    Have you seen what Japanese women wear when it's sweltering??

    This is an absolutely fair and relevant  point. I’ve seen what they wear in dead of winter so I can imagine. 


    Was considering Dominion this year, so that’s sort of summer........

  3. 17 hours ago, Cheapheat said:

    Do you guys know when the G1 dates are offically announced. Hoping to book a G1 holiday this year.

    Dates, and most venues are usually early April, the Finals dates should be in the Dome show important dates video package. I’m planning on G1 2020 which will be moved from it’s normal sweltering August, due to Olympics. 

  4. They missed a trick by having NXT Takeover Dallas in a small arena holding like 9,000. Given how quickly the other shows sold out they could have easily doubled that number in bigger arena. 


    That said, next year they are putting it in the same arena as HOF/Raw.


    I think the main arena in Dallas had a hockey game the night of nxt. Everything else is of similar size.
  5. Rev Pro have updated the card for High Stakes, currently the following. AJ Vs Sabre Jr, Scurll Vs Osprey, Lethal Vs Haskins, Big Damo vs Bailey. I am not sure who mike bailey is.

    He's the new hyped guy on USA indies, popular in PWG and with that sort of fanbase. Does a lot of kicking and is a great underdog. Not my favourite but this is an ideal matchup for him.
  6. The Android app isn't a device issue, but rather that it's set to be only available to Japanese devices through Google Play.

    Had a look on a few of the apk sights but no luck. I doubt it'll be geoblocked on the app just on play store etc.

  7. There was word in the "sheets" (so take it as it is) that Punk was one of the first and only guys to openly ask how the network would affect pay, especially with Mania. I wonder how damning the contract wording may be in his favour considering the issue is apparently still unresolved and answers werent given at the time (again loose info via sheets).

    Im generally Im pro-punk as I  see WWE as a shite work enviroment, but wonder if  being so hot headedhe left abruptly enough to never cover his ass as he kept away. He could  be a nightmare for them PR wise if he wanted. Hes different from most bitter WWE guys you see pop up on chat shows when bad news happens.

  8. WOW!


    <-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

    HOLY SHIT! That was perfect execution from all involved for the Steen return and departure angle. Good opening first half, topped with a 5 star angle there. "I...I...I'm Kevin Steen, and...and FUCK RING OF HONOUR!"


    [close spoiler]


    Yeah that was fantastic.

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