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Video Game Idents and Intros

12 July 2016 - 20:04

I've shamelessly nicked this (with permission) from Butch, but his quality Idents thread got me thinking on a different path, and just how there will never be a better startup jingle than the PS1.
Despite being a Nintendo fanboy now to almost pathetic levels, I was never really a huge Nintendo fan when I grew up. I had a NES and a SNES and absolutely loved games like Starwing, Mario and Shadow Warriors, but I was always a Sega guy; the Mega Drive was my jam.

One of my favourite things on the Mega Drive was how every single game had its own unique ident for the Sega logo. The most iconic arguably being the Sonic ones "SEEEEGAAAAA".
But for a 7 year old me, it was Eternal Champions that grabbed my attention. I'd sit for ages trying to get a different character to come out and kick fuck out of the logo.


Then when the N64 came out, I never bothered and got a PS1. A lad over the road had a Saturn and it was a massive sack of wank, I wouldn't have dared, so I jumped ship like the fickle kid I was.
Being able to chip it and play cheap CDs on it was probably also a bonus too, as my Mum was the one forking out for it and I don't think she'd be much up for shelling out £60 for a cartridge of Glover.


So come Christmas, me and my brother got a PS1 and we had to pick 3 games off a list on a folded up bit of A4 paper. We had no idea what half of them were but I remember we got Spyro The Dragon, Tomb Raider 3 and then another one I forget but I'm sure was either Three Lions, Fighting Force or Future Cop LAPD.
I turned that bad boy on Christmas morning and was hit in the face with a sound that honestly still gives me chills.



That low bass-y hum was unlike anything before it. NES had nothing, SNES and Mega Drive both had varied openings that depended on the game you played, but this was in a league of its own. No matter what shite I put in that console, being greeted by this always made me feel like what I was about to play was cool as tits. What made it even better was sometimes it would be cool as tits and I'd be met with a ball tingling opening like this -



or this -



I was chuffed when the PS4 had the whole anniversary deal and you could get the jingle on PS4, but a combination of it having the PS4 jingle play over it, and it then loading to a dashboard and not a blocky Alan Shearer smashing one into the top left to Ocean Colour Scene left a shitty taste in my mouth.



08 April 2016 - 20:42

Where does the WWE go from here? Would they survive?

They've done a fantastic job of building and then toppling all their stars like a giant sweaty game of Jenga over the past decade or so. Not many of them, if any, have been built as equal to Cena, or if they have, Cena has immediately went over them to put them in their place.
The ones they have pushed, like Reigns now, have been pushed either too late, too early, or against the fans' wishes. So all we really have is Cena. 

He's got everything they want. He's earning them god knows how much money, almost single handedly draws the crowds, flogs merch like Del Boy, does all the make a wish and public appearances, and puts on a fantastic match nearly every match he has.

But now he's dead. Who's basket do they put all their eggs in? Reigns? Ambrose? A full time Lesnar or HHH? 

I think just by pure fact they'd need that feel good moment, they'd need to absolutely pander to the crowd.
Ambrose is a good shout in terms of fan support and being over, but if you saw his Hall of Fame appearance it's plain as day he can't be sent out to all the press appearances. With a bit of building someone like Sami Zayn could be a super over face and he's relatable so public appearances and make a wish would be fine, but he's nothing at the minute and we're hypothetically speaking right now, not months down the line.

Personally, I'd put Roman in a tournament, like the WWE John Cena Memorial Tournament. Have it go from now until Summerslam, make the thing company wide. Nearly everyone is eligible. You have everyone from Tyler Breeze and Stardust to Ambrose and Lesnar in it. Anyone ready to come back soon like Orton and Rollins (if they are) can get put in the later brackets as surprises. Have this thing like the Rumble, anyone can win it. 
I'd fit Ambrose vs Lesnar in it somewhere down the line and have Ambrose go over clean so he looks a star. I'd have Owens, Zayn, Styles go far, with big upset wins. Have Zayn go over HHH or something like that. Make (or attempt to make) stars out of it. 
I know on any other day it would sound daft but WWE have been pushed to the edge of the plank now, they need to throw all sorts of shit at the wall.
I'm honestly not even sure who I'd have win it. Ambrose probably, with Roman turning slowly heel throughout the tournament. It's not going to be Cena, but a properly built Ambrose vs heel Roman with a Rollins involvement somewhere, those on the cusp like Owens, Styles, Zayn, maybe even Joe, Balor or some other NXT stars rising right up the card with strong pushes.
He's got downfalls, but they need to work on getting the fans to stick around before worrying about who's going to rep them on Good Morning America.


Or maybe nothing would work and they'd dwindle down to TNA levels in a year or two.

Sorry for the bait-y title, by the way but I figured it might get people properly thinking.