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In Topic: General Football 2016/17

Today, 07:15

I was there live and it was so fast i didn't know what had happened.
I just saw Long over holding Coleman and knew it was bad.
Williams had a go at Taylor too, I saw him shouting after him as he was walking off the pitch.
I've watched it a few times since and how people are saying there was no intent and didn't mean to do him, is beyond me.
McClean was fucking immense tonight though and played like a man possessed, which was one positive

In Topic: General Football 2016/17

Yesterday, 21:49

Just out of Lansdowne Road amd despite the shit match, that was a fucking horrific tackle on Coleman by Taylor.

In Topic: What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

Yesterday, 12:25

Going to Neelix and Simon Patterson on April 28th. Should be a fantastic one.

Went to Sasha last Thursday. He's getting worse...and that really fucking saddens me.

In Topic: Names that define a horrible period

Yesterday, 10:25

Aoife (my missus' name) - Every poxy month I get venomously shouted at for something as trivial as leaving a grill on, yet I have to look down the pot first thing in the morning when having a widdle and see what looks like a scene from Cannibal Holocaust looking back at me.

In Topic: DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

23 March 2017 - 12:56

It Follows was wonderful. Absolutely fucking wonderful...

I still put the eerie synth score in my earholes going asleep at night on occasion.
Always thought occasion had two s's. That's probably what got me an A2 in English in my Leaving Cert as opposed to an A1.

That and rhythm.