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In Topic: WWE UK Championship Tournament

15 January 2017 - 03:08

I thought it was decent enough, with a bit of this and that, without ever excelling.

I really appreciated the guys who put themselves forward as something different to the pack, such as Tyson T-Bone and Pete Dunne, and I feel I made the right choice to get tickets for tomorrow rather than today. Seems like some good matches. Also even before attending tomorrow I've got the live wrestling bug again. Think I'm gonna go GPW Back With A Bang next month.

Pretty enjoyable.

Glad to read this :)

In Topic: What Culture Pro Wrestling LIVE (Newcastle) - 27th & 28th July

09 December 2016 - 01:07

Kurt Angle vs. Alberto El Patron has been announced for Milton Keynes on Feb 12th 2017.

In Topic: Grand Pro Wrestling Thread

12 November 2016 - 21:26

2017 Dates


Feb 10th


Mar 24th


May 12th


July 28th


Sep 1st


Oct 6th


Nov 24th

In Topic: Grand Pro Wrestling Thread

12 November 2016 - 21:20

"Who Dares Wins" Results, Nov 11th


The Sheikh’s Fortune On The Line – Jet Fashion defeated “The Sheikh” Mohammed Rizzy Khan by Pinfall.



Fatal 4 Way for the British Title

“Jumpin” Jimmy Jackson defeated Joey Hayes, Mickey Barnes (w/ Drill) & Wahoo Thunderfoot by Pinfall to retain the GPW British Championship.



Rio defeated Soner Dursun (w/ Alan Tasker) by Pinfall.



GPW Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender – Ashton Smith defeated RJM by Pinfall to become the number one contender to the GPW Heavyweight Championship.



Nate Travis & Isiah Quinn defeated The Circus (Nicholas Cartier & Noah) (w/ Melanie Price) by Pinfall.



GPW Heavyweight Championship – “100% Welsh Beef” Dylan Roberts (w/ Alan Tasker) defeated CJ Banks by Pinfall to retain the GPW Heavyweight Championship.



Street Fight – Bubblegum defeated T-Bone by Pinfall*.

*Lana Austin accompanied T-Bone to the ring but left during the contest after delivering a low-blow to both Bubblegum and T-Bone.

In Topic: Good Feuds/Storylines That Fell Off A Cliff

08 November 2016 - 13:23

Might be an odd choice, but for me it was Orton/Triple H prior to Wrestlemania 25.


Orton had gone all bad-ass, with the new tattoos/faction/attitude, won the royal rumble and had Triple H in his sights. The story progress'd fantastically, with Orton taking out Stephanie in the process, and not just RKO'ing her, but kissing her unconscious body in front of a restrained Triple H. I believe he may have also had vince/shane off in the process.


At this point, it all had to 100% culminate with a solid victory from Orton at WM, showing he's the man to beat going forward. Instead what we got was Triple H demolishing him fairly decisively [from my recollection] and instantly ending all the the months of fantastic build up, they had with Orton. 

Just to add a bit extra to this if I may? I went into Mania 25 expecting an Attitude Era style brawl with run in's from the participants allies etc. Instead we had a textbook wrestling match where at the end Hunter decked Orton with the sledgehammer and that was it.


Similar thing happened with Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle at Mania 20, they hated each other but then they went hold for hold in the end as well.