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NGW Eternal Glory (Dec 17th Hull City Hall) - 50% Off at Groupon

05 December 2016 - 10:48

Head over to Groupon for upto 50% off adult & family tickets tickets for NGW's upcoming show at Hull City Hall on Saturday December 17th.

If your new to Groupon, sign up and use the code 'NEW25' to get an extra 25% off (upto £20)


Who are "Your Boys"?

31 March 2016 - 13:13

Using the OSW Review criteria, who are the five guys that make you go "alright! It's my boy!"

What are the Qualities to be A Boy?
#1 Unsuccessful – No WWE/WWF, WCW/NWA or IWGP World Championship reigns. TNA doesn't count because it's on par with winning water by turning on a tap
#2 Unpopular – He must not be respected in general or have hope for the future.
#3 Untalented – There has to be a certain cringe factor. You have to be a little ashamed to admit you’re a fan.

To get the ball rolling:
Steve McMichael would be King Boy, Steve Blackman, Drew Galloway, Paul Burchill, Marc Mero