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In Topic: The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

Yesterday, 22:40

According to the Observer Raw drew it's lowest rating since 1997 on Monday and actually lost viewers as the show went on.

That last bit is hardly surprising. Fucking Steph. All over it.

In Topic: Hardy Boyz offered WWE deals

Yesterday, 13:42

There is no money in Broken Matt Hardy. It might be entertaining (it's not) but it's not making WWE any more money. That's not even a criticism of this stuff, very little is moving the needle these days beyond the name WWE and genuine main event stars like Cena, Reigns, Lesnar, Goldberg and Taker.

Matt's value is in looking after Jeff, who has been a needle mover in the past (I said mover, not user) and protecting him on the road.

In Topic: Hardy Boyz offered WWE deals

Yesterday, 12:41

Surely they wouldn't be bothering to re-sign Matt unless they thought they'd be able to use the Broken Stuff? I'm pretty sure WWE have the capability and finance to get the rights from Anthem.

Why? They hired the Dudleys and Outlaws for nostalgia runs alone. The Hardyz have that value regardless. A Jeff main event run and anything else they do with Fat Matt is a bonus.

In Topic: Smackdown Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 08:10

Wasn't really a rib, the commentators were going on about Chett Chetterfield.

In Topic: Smackdown Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 07:51

Agreed, good show. Didn't have a clue what the "Total Bellas Bull shit" skits were mocking really but Miz was funny as Cena.

Tag Title match was really good but the title change felt really predictable. Dunno why. Another switch on SD.

AJ/Shane stuff we've seen in every feud Shane has ever had. Felt big time though.

Enjoyed the SRW references but there's no subtlety in WWE.

Worst stuff on this show was the talking. AJ was boring as fuck. Wyatt was boring. Fandango was boring. Shane was boring. Just get on wi' it.