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Mr. Seven

The Song Of The Day Thread

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One of the best songs on Sheila's Glamorous Life album, written by Prince. He was on fire during this time and had his protege acts Sheila, Apollonia 6, The Time and Mazarati. Prince also wrote this

100mph by Mazarati

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I'm fucking obsessed with this one at the moment:


For a lot of reasons. Obviously it's a great pop song. But to pull this one out, 25 years after recording it, and to be so authentic, so close to the studio recording, it's just brilliant and amazing. I'm trying to think of a live recording that comes so close to emulating the studio original, and I'm struggling. But honestly, I don't even care because it's so great. Clearly it helps "putting the band back together," as he says at the end of the 2nd song that they got the original backing vocalists and drummer in to perform, but still. Love it. Got my 3 year old singing along to it, she'll do the "oh-a-oh" bit if I sing the previous line randomly :laugh:

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