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Nothing, and liking it.

More interested in the Dairylea ad.

I've heard few bigger crocks of shit that Hogan talking about Warrior in WCW as if him mentioning Mania 6 in the debut promo killed interest. Did it balls. Oh, and his other classic, that Warrior's pr

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Absolutely cracking match from WWE Superstars this week..


Usos and Trent Baretta vs Slater, Gabriel, and Kidd


Agreed - excellent match with a couple of amazing spots, and just generally really good fun to watch.



I'll heap more praise on this match, top stuff. 2 or 3 things I've never seen or even imagined seeing in a match which is a rarity these days.


Superstars is turning into one of those smaller shows that will be looked back on with fondness and have matches dug out from when people talk about forgotten great matches.

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Here's a promo for King of the Ring 1993 with Hogan TOTALLY phoning it in. I'd never seen this before, in fact I've seen more footage from the Mania-KOTR period with Hogan in Japan than I have WWF. He's at the Thunder in Paradise set doing his promo and his passion for it is just spent - he really took Vince for a fucking fool in 93 like. Also, it's made me realise just how good he is at polishing turds - I've seen him 50 times more invested in work that's 100 times worse. An interesting little watch I thought -

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Oh, so he isnt suspended then. It was all a work. I was looking forward to Raw as well.


They said at the start of the shows he was suspended but had to honour the dates on the tour because it was booked before the suspension .

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