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Nothing, and liking it.

More interested in the Dairylea ad.

I've heard few bigger crocks of shit that Hogan talking about Warrior in WCW as if him mentioning Mania 6 in the debut promo killed interest. Did it balls. Oh, and his other classic, that Warrior's pr

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The latest triplemania show in full in 3 parts


Part 1


part 2


part 3

That is the biggest six sided ring i have seen. I would hate to have to run them ropes.

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I know nobody ever talks about it, but i presume there's still a handful of lucha fans lurking around here;


A great little match from Arena Mexico a few weeks ago for the CMLL Superlightweight title between between veteran maestro Virus and up & comer Guerrero Maya Jr. Probably my favourite match of the year so far, it's refreshing to see a big CMLL singles match these days that doesn't follow the usual dull formula. Virus is still one of the best wrestlers in the world.



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Salvatore Sincere Vs Savio Vega


though the reason for posting the clip is for the full on fucking row Stone Cold and Curt Hennig have on commentary.


Austin in his late 96 I'll twat anyone self, but respects to Hennig for this one who proper fucking loses it and gets proper into Austin about it. Great stuff.

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