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The 10 Matches You Take...

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#46 Ghost of a Bullet

Ghost of a Bullet

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Posted 24 July 2004 - 19:29

1. Angle vs Benoit, Rumble 20032. HBK vs Razor Ramon, WM103. AJ Styles vs American Dragon, Main event Spectacles 03 (I think)4. Triple H vs Cactus Jack, Rumble 20005. Austin vs The Rock, WM176. Rey vs Eddie, Halloween Havoc 977. Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect, Summerslam 918. Colt Cobanna vs BJ Whitmer vs Dan Maff vs Homicide, Death before dishonour 039. Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn, Living Dangerously 9910. Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon, forgot the year, but I know it was from the WAR promotion.
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#47 JayPhoenix87


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Posted 24 July 2004 - 22:34

Owen Hart v Bret Hart - WrestleMania XKurt Angle v Chris Benoit - Royal Rumble 2003Chris Jericho v Rob Van Dam - King Of The Ring 2002AJ Styles v Johnny Storm - FWA, December 2002 (Sorry cant remember name)Brock Lesnar v The Rock - SummerSlam 2002Marty Jannetty v Doug Williams - BCW No Blood No Sympathy 2004Razor Ramon v Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania XRicky Steamboat v Macho Man - WrestleMania IVLex Luger v Mr Perfect - Wrestle Mania IXAllister v Wee Jonathan with Tourettes from training about 2 months ago!!! :D Thats really hard trying to pick 10 matches without repeating the same guy.Anyway, thats my list.

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#48 The Showstopper

The Showstopper


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Posted 25 July 2004 - 00:53

Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat : 2/3 falls, Clash Of The Champions VI
Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jnr : Halloween Havoc 97
Aj Styles vs Paul London : ROH Night Of Grudges
Bret Hart vs Shawn Micheals : Iron Man Match, Wrestlemania XII
The Great Muta vs Jushin "Thunder" Lyger : NJPW 20th October 96
Low Ki vs Christopher Daniels vs Doug Williams vs Spanky : ROH Crowning a champion
"Macho Man"Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior- Wrestlemania VII
CM Punk vs Chris Hero : IWA MS "When Hero Met Punk"
Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit : Royal Rumble 01
The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian : Wrestlemania X7

#49 Smithy316


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Posted 25 July 2004 - 01:15

1) Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage (Wrestle Mania III)The definitive WWF 1980s classic match that stole the biggest show of them all, how could anyone who has seen it ever forget it. Two of the greatest wrestlers of a generation in their prime showing what they can do what can be better then that.2) Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart (Wrestle Mania X)Would have picked Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart at Wrestle Mania 13 or Survivor Series 96 but thats not possible, so this to me stands out as the definitive match for Bret Hart and Owen Hart, 20 minutes of super smooth crisp wrestling with the right man winning in exactly the right way. A real sign of what a motivated Bret Hart could do.3) Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle (Royal Rumble 2003)An absolute jaw dropping masterpiece of a match that showed that when it comes to mat wrestling these two men are without a doubt the two best in North America if not the world, super smooth, super inovative, crisp, wonderful wrestling and quite possibly the show case match in Kurt Angle's career which looks to be cut criminally short.4) Steve Austin vs. The Rock (Wrestle Mania X7)The match that brought the WWF's attitude era to a peak, at the biggest show of them all these two men the figureheads of the attitude era blew the roof off with a 30 minute intense brawl that never slowed and had the crowd on the edge of their seat all the way. The definitive match at the definitive show of an entire era of WWF history who can ask more then that.5) Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Hell in the Cell 1997)The first hell in the cell and by far the best. Both WWF put in a career performance in a sheer balls to the wall brawl that showed a new side to the WWF product and was one of the bouts that began to usher in the attitude era (also see Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart at Wrestle Mania 13) A match that never gets tired and never fails to be gripping.6) Triple H vs. Cactus Jack (Royal Rumble 2000)Mick Foley in the twilight of his career making Triple H into the new WWF figure head in one long, bloody brutal brawl that tore through MSG. One of the best near falls ever when Foley kicks out of the first pedigree. One of the best brawls I have ever seen and along with the Hell in the Cell rematch a perfect way to wind down a career for one of the sports true legends and a perfect way to make a career for one who will no doubt be a future legend.7) Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson (Fall Brawl 95)Speaking of true legends, perhaps the sports very biggest Ric Flair and his biggest ally and one of my all time personal favourites Arn Anderson, in the only time they ever locked horns an intense psychology laden drama that show the awesome skills of both me. I could watch any match that these two men have ever been in all day long and watching them wrestle each other is truly special.8) Dynamite Kid vs. Tiger Mask (1st January 1982)The definitive cruiserweight wrestler and the true pioneer of North American cruiserweight wrestling against his favourite opponent. If you love wrestling you can't fail to love the Dynamite Kid. This match really showcases his ability, fast, intense, stiff, crisp wrestling from a true master and perhaps the greatest of all time. When it comes to cruiserweight wrestling no matter what modern match you put in the way, like a famous song said when it comes to these two men no body does it better.9) Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero (Halloween Havok 97)The modern variation of the previous match with two cruiserweight pioneers stealing the show. Both men will be remembered as true lucha style legends and two of the only Mexican style wrestler to truly break North America. This is the ultimate advertisment for WCW's Cruiserweight division. While I am not a fan of the lucha style I can't argue against this match, truly fantastic. 10) Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant (Wrestle Mania III)Not a great match, but without a doubt the most epic match of all time. Two icons clashing at the biggest show of a generation, the Austin vs. Rock of its time and deserving a place as one of the most remembered moments in wrestling. It capture the minds of wrestling fans everywhere because at the time it felt like anyone could win. There is a reason that you see clips of this match on many WWF/WWE recap packages because it truly is worth seeing.I can think of a million reasons why I love wrestling and above are 10 very good reasons indeed.

#50 CTXRussomark


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Posted 25 July 2004 - 01:54

The Undertaker vs. Mankind [Hell in a Cell, King of the Ring 98]
The overall spectacle of this match will never be topped. Even after seeing the clip literally hundreds of times I still get chills whenever I watch the match

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psychosis [Bash at the Beach 1996]
For some reason this has always been a favourite of mine. Just an awesome fast paced match that was still relatively new at the time. Both guys were virtually unknown and were put out there first on the most hyped WCW PPV in a long time. They delivered and more.

Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon [Ladder, Summerslam 1995]
I always preferred the rematch to their Wrestlemania encounter. Both of them being faces at the time added a lot to the experience, as (rarely at the time) it wasn't about wanting someone to win and someone to lose but rather just seeing them have a great match that you'd remember for years down the line.

The Steiners vs. Sting & Lex Luger [Superbrawl 1]
Still one of my favourite tag matches of all time. If it wasn't for the rather crap finish it would likely be my favourite tag match ever. All four guys were at the top of their game here, with the Rick/Luger exchanges standing out for me. The spot where Steiner tries for a flying shoulderblock at a charging Luger, only to end up being spun round in mid air solely from the impact is even better than Luger's clothesline that almost decapitates Rick Steiner.

Goldberg vs. Hulk Hogan [Nitro 1998]
For me this match is the pinnacle of the WCW boom. Such an awesome sight seeing the seemingly endless rows of fans exploding when Goldberg finally pins Hogan.

Steve Austin vs. The Rock [Wrestlemania 17]
What more can be said? Perhaps the greatest performance of any one wrestler in history.

Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit [Nitro 1999]
Just a great, no frills match and the last great match of Bret's career.

Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz [Ladder, No Mercy 1999]
To this day I still prefer this match over all of the TLC affairs. It may not have been as spectacular but that's one of the reasons I like it so much. With TLC you expected all of the crazy bumps and falls, but going into this match there was very little hype whatsoever. It was basically a midcard match which Terri was the real focus of, but the match blew everyone away. Some of the stuff they came up with was just insane at the time.

Ric Flair vs. Vader [Starrcade 1993]
The homecoming of Flair, combined with Vader's ultra stiff offense and Flair's title win is enough for me to pick this.

Junkyard Battle Royal [Bash at the Beach 1999]
So sue me, I found this entertaining in a twisted sort of way. Just seeing everyone killing themselves for such little reward and the entire thing turning into a huge clusterfuck when half of them go down with injuries during the match was a lot of fun to watch. It's along the same lines as the Doomsday Match from Uncensored 1996, which I would have actually included here if I hadn't already used Luger and Flair :(
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#51 Kurtski


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Posted 25 July 2004 - 02:06

What a great topic, heres my 10 - HBK vs Razor Ramon - WrestleMania 10 IC Title Ladder MatchTLC 2 - Dudley Boys vs Hardy Boys vs Edge and Christian - Wrestlemania X7Lance Storm vs Jerry Lynn - ECW Anarchy Rulz 1999Canadian Stampede 1997 10 Man Tag Team Main EventOwen Hart vs Bret Hart - WWF Title Cage Match - SummerSlam 1994Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat - IC Title Match - WrestleMania 3Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament Final - No Mercy 2002 - Edge and Rey Mysterio vs Kurtski and Chris BenoitDean Malenko vs Scotty 2 Hotty - WWF Lightheavyweight Title Match - Backlash 2000Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect - IC Title Match - SummerSlam 1991HBK vs Bret Hart - WWF Title 60 Minute Iron Man Match - WrestleMania 12Thanks. Kurtski :D