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WrestleMania XX Thoughts/Discussion Thread

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#661 Billy "The King" Phatu

Billy "The King" Phatu

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Posted 19 March 2004 - 21:16

Wrestlemania XX was the first WWE event I have seen for nearly two years.And it feels good to be back!So, from the POV of a casual fan:First of all, regardless of how good the wrestling was, the whole spectacle of Wrestlemania and the WWE in general is just fucking amazing. The fireworks at the start, Jim Ross and The King welcoming us at the top of their voices, the roaring crowd, and then the emotional intro-video and the National Anthem - it just sent shivers down my back. I wished I was there.Whilst I was reminded that the WWE know "how to party", I was also reminded about the reason I haven't been as keen to watch it recently. The Brock/Goldberg match was the worst match I have seen ever. I have never liked Brock, and I sincerely hope his NFL trial is successful. Most of the wrestling was pretty diabolical. The Womens' matches were poor, except for the Playboy Evening Gown Match which was just fine :p. Also, I'm not sure if this was a one-off, but it seemed that the trend that caught on, just before I stopped watching, where it took several attempts at a finisher to pin somebody, has now been stopped in its tracks. Excellent! Finally a finisher means something!The Big Show was, and still is, shit. But Cena was quite sweet, I thought. I was particularly impressed when he seemed to carry the Big Slow on his shoulders without so much as a wobble of the leg. The Evolution interview was the first time I had seen those guys together, and I was really pleased with their whole gimmick. I'm a fan of strong gimmicks, and ones where the stars are comsistent and convincing - and that, they were.The Raw Tag Match. What? Did I miss something?What the hell has happened to the Coach?! :duh: I thought the Jericho/Christian match was sloppy, but the psychology was relatively good. I liked watching the video about the story building up to the match. I didn't see too much of that story come into their match though, except in the Trish bit of course. Which I thought was pretty poorly done. But I do think that Jericho and Christian have good chemistry together.Argh! I was, at first, excited to see the Rock and Sock connection. But when we realised they were going to job, I stopped being excited and just cringed. The whole match was sloppy and tacky, and Mick Foley and the Rock just didn't come across as hard-hitting as they usually are. The Rock's promo before was silly, talk about "play it up".I was a little mythed by the Legends ceremony. Is that the first time they've done that? It just seemed like they were pulling everything out of the bag to fill the card.I was pleased to see Rikishi back to the way I remembered him. Although, it was still painful to watch - nothing can compare to when the chubby little fellow first made his debut as Rikishi and was suplexing and kicking everyone to kingdom-come. The Stink-face thing is just shit. (Pardon the pun). The attractive thing about Rikishi when he first arrived was that, here was a fat sumo-nesian who can kick and suplex like the best of them, psychology-it like the best powerhouses...and dance. Now he hobbles around and does a Stink-face. Blah.The Molly/Victoria match was very hot, but very shit. And the hair-cutting thing was poor. Was I the only one who wanted to slap the poor-acting "skills" off of the Barber's face?I was surprised to see Eddie in such a strong position so soon after FWA Revival!! (Hey, I know that was a long time ago, but I've been deprived, ok!). He was red-hot, as was Angle. I loved this match. Some good ol' psychology, although I would liked to have seen a more varied pace in the match.THE UNDERTAKER! This was the reason I watched WM this year - to see his return! I had no idea about the Buried Alive match and the angle with Kane. I wish I hadn't missed it. Undertaker is one of my idols, so I mark for him BIG time. I have to say, on a side-note, that Kane is very convincing without the mask, which is a surprise for me. I thought he played the delusional/retard character well. However, when then lights went out and we heard Paul Bearer speak, I creamed my little pants. I was jumping in the air like the 10 year old I once was. Amazing entrance, but the Taker's costume kinda sucked. Hmm, maybe it is the right way to go - the mix between old school and new school. But imagine how much BETTER that entrance would have been if he'd had the long, wet hair, the gloves and the massive cloak. Good God, I would have creamed myself twice in the space of five minutes. I guess there will be more to see with this new angle. I just hope the Taker keeps most of his old-school gimmick. I liked the match, but it was hardly up to the same standard as the legendary Taker/Kane matches. I'm really glad he used the Tombstone to finish him, that was awesome. How long will it be till he drops the move though :( .I'm off to watch the main event (on tape) - really looking forward to it...

#662 AJ~


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Posted 21 March 2004 - 03:37

While a week late, I feel I should use this opportunity to point out my presence on the biggest wrestling show of all time.

Posted Image

Far right, red Hulkamania shirt, holding my Union Jack. AJ becomes etched into WrestleMania immortality. :thumbsup:

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#663 LDNWrestling


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Posted 21 March 2004 - 12:12

You look kinda like Dopper from them screen shots

#664 Guest_The Masked Avenger_*

Guest_The Masked Avenger_*
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Posted 22 March 2004 - 16:37

Fuck all the little shits that sat up all night and posted utter bollocks about the show as it happens, kudos to EJHai and ClassicsGuy for being positive and not nitpicking like little wannabe smarks.Show was fucking awesome If you ask me, I loved almost all of it, the stand outs being.Some other stuff was entertaining too but granted there was the odd stinker, This is the new favourite WM for me, it had previously been a tie betweem 19 and 17.Jericho vs Christian was a great match, best on the show to that point, superb performance from Christian bumping like a nutter and dishing out killer offence.***1/2 - this rocked my cock.Rock N Sock vs Evolution also ruled, great perofrmance from Flair, his parts with the rock were GOLD, everone worked hard and put on maybe one of the most entertaining matches in WM history.****1/4Angle vs Eddie was awesome, not your typical WWE headliner, this told a great story and the facial Expressions from the aggressive Angle and a resouceful Guererro were great.Nice finish too.****1/4Main event is an absolute classic, my new favourite match ever, Best HHH match since 2000 imo, excleent Shawn Michaels performance, Heated crowd for benoit and an awesome performance to boot, so much goodness it was unreal, never been so emotional during a match before, and I cried at the finish and Eddie coming down in tears to congratulate a tearful Benoit.Best ending ever and a new favourite moment in WWE history for me.***** classic match.yes.

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#665 Guest_rage against the wwe_*

Guest_rage against the wwe_*
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Posted 22 March 2004 - 20:58

I apologise If I may seem late to replying to this thread :( I only got a shot of 'Maina XX today from one of my mates at my work ( plus I havent had the full SKY pakage since Febuary 2003 , cos my parents cancelled SKY back in Febuary 2003) Anyway, I just finished watching it. It was fucking amazing, it was just great top to bottom. I just fucking loved it :D Eddie's match against Kurt was brilliant , Beniot vs HBK vs Triple H was just mindblowing & fucking awesome & to see Beniot win the title was out of this solar system & I was extremely really happy for Beniot - He deserved it so much & it was fucking awesome to see Eddie come down to the ring & congratulate Beniot, it was just fucking emotional :cry: The Rock 'N' Sock Connection vs Evolution was another great match :thumbsup: Taker vs Kane was really good & I had goosebumbs thru out the whole match.Hell I actually had goosebumbs thru the whole PPV :D Fuck the whole PPV was brilliant & I fucking enjoyed it ~~~~~~~~Only dissapoint was Goldberg vs Brock :bored: It was slow paced. It was not what I was expecting :( I was hoping it would be a good brawl :( & yes, I'm a fan of both , yet it was just a total & utter dissapoinment :( Sorry if it aint a whole match by match, move by move sort of review type thing, But I just aint a smart & I'd like to keep it that way.( well ok, there is a little bit of smart in me, but I'm mostly a mark :) )RATWWE.

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Posted 22 March 2004 - 21:39

My two pence:Thought the show was quite patchy, the filler was so obviously filler, but the great matches were outstanding. Wasn't as much pomp and circumstance as I thought there'd be, nor as much emphasis on the historical factors (although I loved the crap out of the opening package with the three McMahons).Was slightly disappointed by Eddie/Angle live, it seemed like it was going somewhere then just ended - it seemed a lot shorter than it was. Was loving it but I was expecting another 5 mins at least (maybe I'd set the old expectations too high). Came across much better on tape - ****Jericho/Christian was great, better than I expected. The heel turn got a great reaction live, I don't think anyone in my section saw it coming, I certainly didn't - ***1/2Taker/Kane I as pretty disappointed in, mainly for Taker's incredibly half-arsed entrance/attire - the mood was ruined entirely by the guy who kept running on stage with the fire extinguisher because they seemingly used too much kerosene on the firesticks. Match was pretty much as expected.Brock/Goldberg was surreal - awesome heat, for all the wrong reasons, but truly incredible to be a part of. I think I enjoyed the match more than most, it was a good, plodding big-man match. This one came across better live I thought. - ***The Triple Threat was simply awesome. Best match I've ever seen live and definitely up there in my favourite matches ever. I thought it'd be very good but wasn't prepared for it to be this good, which led to some serious marking out by the end - what a finish. Was worried this wouldn't come across as well on tape but either way its an easy *****Overall, a great PPV, the filler dragged it down a little but at the same time provided a rest between the big bouts, which were all great. Awesome to be a part of, and subjectively I'd say it's probably one of the better Manias, with the best main event of a Mania ever (yes, it was better than Rock/Austin IMO). :thumbsup:

#667 Parkamarka


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Posted 22 March 2004 - 21:42

By the way, does anyone know what star ratings Meltzer gave for the matches? I'm always interested to know his opinion on these things...