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UFC 303: Pereira vs Prochazka 2 - Jun 29 🇺🇸

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Mystic Mac didn’t predict this one…


Alex Pereira©️vs Jiri Prochazka - Light Heavyweight Title

Brian Ortega vs Diego Lopes

Anthony Smith vs Roman Dolidze 

Mayra Bueno Silva vs Macy Chiasson 

Ian Garry vs Michael Venom Page 

Joe Pyfer vs Marc-Andre Barriault 

Cub Swanson vs Andre Fili 

Charles Jourdain vs Jean Silva 

Payton Talbott vs Yanis Ghemmouri 

Michelle Waterson vs Gillian Robertson 

Andrei Arlovski vs Martin Buday 

Rei Tsuruya vs Carlos Hernandez 

Ricky Simon vs Vinicius Oliveira 


Yep. The card’s had to be almost completely rebuilt due to McGregor dropping out and his return going down the pan. But, to be fair, I think they’ve done a great job. They had to pull something out of the bag though, didn’t they? This card was reported to be the highest gate the UFC have ever done and it’s no secret that McGregor’s name and his return after 3 years out was the reason for that. So the UFC had to tart this one up and add something juicy. Obviously it’s not the event it would’ve been with McGregor but bollocks to him. As a card, this is significantly better now, in my opinion, than it was before.



Alex Pereira vs Jiri Prochazka 2 is suddenly upon us! What a mess this whole thing has been. The McGregor fight falling to bits just 2 weeks out sent the UFC into a tailspin and, to be fair, they’ve done a hell of a job salvaging what was looking like a complete write-off of a card. I’d go as far as to say the card is better now than it was before. OK it doesn’t have the ‘star power’ it did with Conor’s return on top but, at the same time, it’s 2024 and while him coming back was always gonna be a big deal, I’m just over the whole Conor McGregor thing. I don’t care if we never see or hear from him again, to be honest. Crazy though that Pereira’s saving the day again!


What a man. Yeah he’s not the massive star McGregor is/was but there’s a reason he’s becoming the go-to guy for the UFC when they need to give a card a boost. In the space of roughly 2 years, Pereira’s became one of the biggest stars they have. And without the need to run his mouth. He’s proof that charisma comes in different forms and doesn’t always have to be shit talking, suit wearing and constantly banging on about money. I guess he’s a star more in the mold of a Chuck Liddell. Which is fitting because he’s kind of linked to Chuck anyway through their mutual friendships with Glover Teixeira.


Seems like only 5 minutes ago since we saw Pereira flattening Jamahal Hill in the main event of UFC 300 back in April. A ridiculous finish and the way it played out will mean it’ll be replayed and made into memes for years to come. Just one of those great moments that make an event, a fight and a fighter memorable. That it was a dickhead like Hill on the receiving end only made it sweeter. And again, that was a fight that came together kind of out of desperation. The UFC had been scrambling for months for a suitable main event for 300, nothing was lining up and everything seemed to be going wrong. Pereira vs Hill felt a tad underwhelming when it was announced but, in the end, Pereira came through and delivered a KO and a moment worthy of such a big milestone event.


Jiri Prochazka fought on the undercard that night at UFC 300, stopping Aleksandar Rakic by TKO in the second round of a fun slugfest. He’s also one of the more unique and popular characters on the roster, although I don’t think he’s caught on quite like Pereira. He’s got his flaws and I’ve said a few times I can see his eventual decline being a particularly bad one. The way he fights kind of reminds me of Tony Ferguson. They’re not really similar but I just mean the way they’re both so unconventional and everything’s a bit off-beat. And Jiri also relies heavily on his durability to get him though rough spells. As we’ve seen with Ferguson, there’s a limit on that and when the decline comes it’s gonna be a sharp one. Hope I’m wrong because I like Jiri. But even in the fights he’s won spectacularly in the UFC like the spinning elbow of doom against Reyes or the late submission on Glover where he won the title…he had to eat some bombs and walk through fire to get those wins. Stupidly fun fighter to watch but his style isn’t one that lends itself to longevity. It’s impressive that he’s had the run he’s had, to be honest.

Of course, these two are no strangers to each other…


They fought at UFC 295 at Madison Square Garden in November. The title was vacant going in and the fight was to crown a new champ. And again, they were saving that card! If you recall, the original main event for that card was Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic. It all went tits up, again just a couple of weeks out. The difference that time was that Pereira vs Jiri was already on the card, so at least they’d both had a full training camp. Their fight just got bumped up to headline status when Jones vs Stipe went down the shitter. This time, they’re coming in cold. Anyway, it was an exciting fight as you’d expect out of these two. And I remember Jiri giving Pereira some problems. But in the second round, Pereira’s lethal left hand found the target and once he had Jiri hurt he never let him recover.


There was all kinds of complaining at the time about the stoppage being early. I disagree. I think Rogan’s commentary had a lot to do with that talk. The replays showed that Jiri got cracked clean and then he got hit with a bunch of follow ups, fell on his back and Pereira landed in mount. Referee Marc Goddard stopped it and I absolutely think it was the right call. Jiri was badly hurt, had taken a load of shots and Pereira was in mount ready to obliterate him with ground strikes. It was over. But while I don’t agree with the criticism of the stoppage, that talk meant a rematch was almost inevitable and I’m guessing the so-called ‘controversial’ stoppage will be a major talking point and an angle they use to hype the rematch. Whatever the case, I’m all for seeing these two throw down again.


Feelings on this? I’m guessing the immediate reaction from most is gonna be to predict Pereira by KO. Obviously he won the first fight and he’s only added to his momentum with the hilarious Jamahal Hill KO at UFC 300. But I certainly wouldn’t count Jiri out here. He’s got a very realistic chance of avenging that loss at MSG back in November. He was landing some big shots on Pereira the first time, it’s not like Pereira’s a defensive marvel and Jiri’s got that unpredictability about him where he could always catch Pereira with something wacky. Plus it’s worth mentioning, at the time the call came and this fight got made, Pereira was in Australia and is still getting over broken toes. He turns 37 about a week after this fight so I guess he’s at the point in his career where he doesn’t really give a fuck and just wants to stay active and get as many big paydays in as he can before time runs out. And you’d assume the UFC have had to cut a few extra sweet cheques to these guys for saving the card just 2 weeks out. So I get why he’s taken the fight but the circumstances are far from ideal, are they? Short notice never is but the fact he’s halfway across the world and his feet are all busted up? Not good. I guess if they go 1-1, it just means they’ll have to do a trilogy decider. And let’s face it, there isn’t much else to get excited about in the Light Heavyweight division these days. I’m rooting for Pereira but something about this does make me feel like it might be Jiri’s night this time. Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong with these two. Feels like one of those pairings where you could throw them in there 10 times and they’d all be wild shootouts that end in highlight reel fashion. The fact there won’t have been time for proper training camps or gameplans just adds to the sense that this is gonna be even more chaotic as well.



Brian Ortega vs Diego Lopes came out of nowhere but I’m all for it. This should be a fantastic fight. Not sure if it’s 5 rounds or 3 but it’s a way better co-main than the first couple of attempts on this card. Love this. Would’ve been better if they had proper time to prepare for it but I’ll take it. I’ve became a huge fan of Lopes in the year and a bit he’s been on the roster and Ortega was one of the main guys I wanted to see Lopes fight. I was quietly hoping for Lopes against either Ortega or Yair Rodriguez next but I expected that they’d probably save it for that September card at the Sphere they keep banging on about. Now all of a sudden it’s right around the corner!


Brian Ortega’s been a bit of a frustrating fighter at times. Always entertaining to watch and definitely has skills but there’s been so many layoffs and setbacks over the years that his career has felt very stop/start and disjointed. He’s 33 now, there’s still some time. But I don’t see him ever having enough about his game to get over that last hurdle. He’s not a million miles away. Even in his title fight against Volkanovski a few years back, he had that moment where he caught Volk in that nasty mounted guillotine. It was the most danger we’d seen Volk in at the time. But ultimately, in his 2 shots at UFC gold, Ortega took bad beatings off Volk and Max Holloway. In fairness to Ortega though, he can never be accused of being a quitter or a front runner. He’s came back from some bad losses, injuries, layoffs etc. And even his last fight in February, he had to come back from adversity but he submitted Yair Rodriguez in their really fun rematch in Mexico City. He’s tough as fuck and, while he’s been soundly beaten at the top level, you don’t just walk through Ortega or get him out of there easily. So I’m very interested to see how this one goes…


Because Diego Lopes has started making a habit of just blitzing through the opposition. Love Lopes. Easily one of my favourite additions to the UFC roster over the last year or so. Just a tornado of hair, shite tattoos and punches. He’s class. He’s coming into this fight with a record of 24-6 with 22 of his wins coming inside the distance. He made his UFC debut last May and, right from the off, he made a fan out of me. He stepped in on short notice against undefeated Russian wrestler Movsar Evloev. A man not known for having exciting fights. Lopes ended up losing on points that night but he gave Evloev such a good fight that his stock only raised in defeat. Since then he’s gone 3-0 with all 3 wins lasting around 90 seconds each. Subbed Gavin Tucker, knocked out Pat Sabatini, then at UFC 300…


He chinned Sodiq Yusuff quick. On paper that was supposed to be a real test, his toughest fight since the Evloev loss. I went in fancying a Yusuff win and feared it might be a step too far for Lopes. Needn’t have worried. Considering Yusuff had just gone 5 rounds in a hard, competitive main event against Edson Barboza in his previous fight, Lopes walloping him in just over a minute was very impressive. Yeah, this is a cracking fight. Lopes is on fire right now and riding a wave of momentum. He’s dropping and finishing fuckers early but Ortega’s got a granite chin on him and has form for weathering storms and coming back to get the submission. If Lopes wipes Ortega out like he’s done his last few opponents, man, it’s time to really start getting excited about him.



Anthony Smith vs Roman Dolidze then. The phrase ‘Card Subject To Change’ has been doing overtime lately and maybe no better of an example than this. The original fight was Jamahal Hill vs Khalil Rountree and, yeah, as you can see neither of them are involved now. Rountree dropped out due to ‘tainted supplements’, Carlos Ulberg stepped in. Then Hill dropped out and it became Smith vs Ulberg. Then Ulberg dropped out and here we are. A right Trigger’s broom situation. With just one week to go before the show, surely that’s it now? Smith’s coming off derailing previously undefeated Brazilian powerhouse Vitor Petrino at UFC 301 in May. Subbed him in 2 minutes. So I was a tad surprised when he stepped in initially on this card. You’d think he’d be more cautious at this late stage of his career and wanna build off that win. Jumping in here is a risk and, given that his last short notice fight with Rountree in December blew up in his face, he might regret this. Fair play, I guess. One thing about Smith is he’s fearless and always game. He’s been banging on about getting a title shot recently, so he’s probably thinking that stepping in here will curry favour with UFC management and, if he wins, he’ll get his shot. He’ll almost certainly get wrecked by either Pereira or Jiri but I can’t blame him for trying. Being on the same card as that fight doesn’t hurt either. You know if he wins this fight he’s gonna get on the mic and call for a title shot immediately after. Dolidze is coming in on just over a week’s notice. So no actual training camp whatsoever for him. I’d assume he was in the gym anyway, close enough to 205 and just thought ‘fuck it’. He usually fights at 185, don’t know what he walks around at but this is probably worth the gamble for him. He’s coming off a loss to Nassourdine Imavov in February in a shit fight where neither looked good. So stepping in here, in a fresh weight class against a decent name, it’s a risk worth taking. Not a big fan of this fight but it’ll do. Can’t criticise the matchmakers given what they’ve had to deal with here. Not bad all things considered.



Mayra Bueno Silva vs Macy Chiasson. Sigh. Women’s Bantamweight. Enough said really. I was just starting to become a fan of Bueno Silva and was fully rooting for her to become champ in January but she shat the bed and lost on points to Raquel Pennington in what, for me, is probably THE front runner for worst fight of the year so far. Just abysmal stuff. Honestly, neither woman deserved to be called champion after that dog turd of a fight. Rotten. I’d like to see Silva bounce back, she came off well in the build up to that Pennington fight and she’s had a pop at Julianna Pena a few times so for that alone she’s alright with me. But that last fight was fucking awful, there’s no getting away from it. Chiasson’s no better either. She won TUF a few years ago, she’s 9-3 and, to be fair, she actually didn’t bore me shitless in her last fight. She subbed Pannie Kianzad in a round on an Apex card in March. Completely forgettable UFC run all in all though. Expecting the grand total of nothing from this.



Ian Garry vs Michael Venom Page has been thrown onto the card just a little over a month out. There was actually some talk at one point of Garry fighting Colby Covington on this card. Well, Garry was pushing hard for it anyway. You knew Colby wasn’t going for that though. Still, this a welcome and much needed boost to the undercard. Bit surprised they didn’t put this in the co-main spot, to be honest. But maybe the reason for that is because there’s a decent chance this ends up being a cagey, lacklustre point fighting exhibition and they don’t want that immediately before the main event. It’s one of them fights. I really don’t know what to expect. MVP’s got a track record for it where his fights tend to veer wildly from highlight reel KOs which go viral on social media to nothing happening decisions that bore the arse off you. Garry has been entertaining to watch in general but, even him, his last fight was a bit dull and a lot of this is gonna depend on how Garry approaches the fight. It’s an interesting one though.



Would’ve been big for Garry getting to fight on the same card as Conor McGregor. Oh well. Garry came up idolising Conor and you can tell. Pair of pricks. The constant comparisons have been done to death and, honestly, other than them both being Irish and gobshites, I don’t really get it. But it’s been incessant during Garry’s UFC run. If the commentators aren’t name dropping Conor, Garry himself is. Give it a rest fellas. He’s done well on his own merits, to be fair. He’s 14-0 now and has been steadily climbing the ladder at 170. He’s gone 7-0 since signing with the UFC and has beat Neil Magny and Geoff Neal in his last two fights. He’s good. He’s become a right Marmite figure with fans but it’s undeniable he’s got skills and potential when that cage door shuts. Not sure how high he can climb, but that’s why they fight. We’ll get the answers eventually.



MVP made his long talked about, long awaited Octagon debut at UFC 299 back in March. He beat Kevin Holland on points in a bit of a nothing fight. Like Garry, a bit of a polarising figure. Some fans love him, some fans think he’s massively overrated. I’m definitely in the second camp. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s total shit. He’s absolutely got skills as a striker and he’s delivered some devastating finishes in his career. But for every highlight reel KO, there’s been a ball achingly dull glorified sparring session. He’ll style on ham and eggers or guys on the decline but he’s not quite the same when he’s in with actual good opposition. Just always felt like there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors to the whole MVP thing. Fair play, he’s made it work for him. I’m just not buying what he’s selling. This is an interesting matchup, to be fair. But again, no clue what to expect out of the actual fight. It certainly has the ingredients and the potential to be a lot of fun if they both go out there looking to make a real statement. But it could also descend into a 15 minute staring contest where one strike here or there wins the round. I’m leaning more towards the latter but I hope I’m wrong.



Joe Pyfer vs Marc-Andre Barriault is a decent fight. Actually a little bit tougher of a fight than I expected for Pyfer considering he just got soundly beaten by Jack Hermansson in February. It’s obvious Dana and UFC management like Pyfer so I fully expected them to scale his opposition right back now and build him back up with a few relatively easy wins. Barriault’s a scrapper though. He won’t go away easily or just fold under the opening onslaught. I’ll be pulling for Barriault here because sod it. I was already kind of rooting against Pyfer just because the UFC machine is up his arse. But he actually came across as a bit of a knob in his own right going into that Hermansson fight. I was quite happy to see Hermansson old man him and outwork him at every turn. Proper veteran performance it was. Barriault’s a definite step down from Hermansson but not a gimme either. He’s coming off a split decision loss to Chris Curtis in January but beat Julian Marquez and Eryk Anders before that. Not a bad fight.



Cub Swanson vs Andre Fili is gonna be fun. Can’t go wrong with this. Even now with both not in their best form, the way they match up style-wise, it’s just one of those fights you know is gonna be entertaining whatever happens. Cub’s coming off a decision over Hakeem Dawodu last August but it wasn’t exactly a convincing win. He’s 40 years old now and this’ll be his 43rd pro fight. He’s ancient by lower weight class standards. Hell of a career though and he’s had so many great fights over the years. But there can’t be many left in him now. These are the kind of matchups they should be giving him at this stage. Fili’s the younger man at 33 but he’s also had 30+ fights and he’s coming off a brutal KO loss to Dan Ige in February. To be fair, Fili stepped in on short notice for that one. But still, it was a bad knockout.



Charles Jourdain vs Jean Silva sounds like fun. Jourdain’s no world beater and he’s been very inconsistent in his career but, with the right opponent, he can be very entertaining to watch. He’s 15-7-1 now and coming off a points loss to Sean Woodson at UFC 297 in January. Before that he’d beat Kron Gracie and Ricardo Ramos in back-to-back fights. And anyone who saw Jean Silva’s UFC debut, it was a pretty memorable one. He’s the guy who took about a month to walk from the locker room into the Octagon on his entrance. I exaggerate obviously, but he took his sweet time. He proceeded to smash up an outmatched Westin Wilson and stop him inside a round, then screamed “D-VON…GET THE TABLES!!!”…


Yeah, I made the last bit up. He made quite a first impression though, and that’s not often the case on Apex cards as we know. He’s 12-2 now with 11 finishes, mostly knockouts. Hard to take much from his debut because Wilson is shite and basically stood there with his chin out just asking to be tagged. Silva didn’t hesitate to tag it. He was supposed to fight William Gomis at UFC 301 in Brazil in May but Gomis dropped out after the weigh in and, with it being too late to find a replacement, Silva also got scratched from the card as a result. Looking forward to seeing him back in there and against an actual live opponent this time. Not sure how good he actually is yet but he seems to be just that right mix of punching power, aggression and having a bit of a screw loose that you have to tune in to his fights.



Payton Talbott vs Yanis Ghemmouri will be worth a watch. I’ve really liked the little we’ve seen of Talbott so far. He’s 25 years old and undefeated at 8-0 with 7 finishes. Won a decision on DWCS last August then made his UFC debut in November, submitting Nick Aguirre in the third round. It wasn’t an amazing performance actually, I had some doubts on his potential after that fight. But there were positives to take from it and he pulled the finish out despite a few shaky moments. His last fight in March is where I became sold on him. He fought Cameron Saaiman in a bit of a prospect vs prospect clash and I thought Talbott looked great.


He stopped Saaiman early in the second round and it was a much better showing overall than his debut. I guess the old Octagon debut nerves could’ve been a factor in the Aguirre fight. Because on paper, Saaiman was a step up from Aguirre and Talbott looked so much better to me this time. Still not sure where his ceiling is but it’s gonna be fun to watch his career as it progresses. Don’t know a lot about Ghemmouri. He’s French, 12-2 with 7 finishes and made his UFC debut on the Paris card in September. He fought William Gomis that night and it ended in controversy when Gomis kicked him in the balls, the ref missed it and immediately waved the fight off as a TKO win for Gomis. Thought it was harsh on Ghemmouri myself. He didn’t do himself any favours by turning his back, and that’s probably the main reason the ref stopped it. But I definitely thought the kick was low and it was a shite way for Ghemmouri to lose his UFC debut.



Michelle Waterson vs Gillian Robertson might be alright. It’s not really doing much for me, to be honest. And I think that’s just mostly down to the fact that Waterson seems absolutely done. She’s 38 years old now, has been fighting since 2007 and she’s now in a position where she’s lost her last 4 fights in a row and 6 of her last 7. The UFC actually re-signed her to a new 8 fight contract not long ago, which utterly baffled me.


I don’t wanna see that face get punched anymore. Enforce the Shawn Michaels vs The Model rule from SummerSlam 92! She got badly beat up by Marina Rodriguez in their rematch in September. It got mercifully stopped in the second round but honestly could’ve been called off sooner. She got battered. And she looked absolutely crushed after the fight, to the point I was sure she was gonna retire there and then. There was a moment when she was leaving the cage and being consoled by former Jackson-Wink teammate Rashad Evans, and it really looked like she’d finally realised and accepted it was over. Yet here she is again. It is over though. She hasn’t looked good in a fight in a long time. I’ve said it a few times on here but it’s a shame they never brought in an Atomweight division back when Waterson was younger and still had something left. She’s been undersized in the UFC for years and she doesn’t just lose, she takes a lot of punishment in most of her fights. Robertson isn’t amazing or anything but she’s a decade younger at 28 and she’s a strong grappler. She’s coming off a submission win over Polyana Viana in January and, while this isn’t an insurmountable task for Waterson, I don’t know, my confidence in Waterson is totally shot at this point. I’m basically viewing Robertson as a bigger, stronger and younger version of her. Love to see Waterson prove me wrong but I don’t think it ends well for her.



Andrei Arlovski vs Martin Buday. Heavyweight banger alert! Yeah, this is gonna be arse. Big fat, wet, smelly Heavyweight arse. One of those HW fights that you can just immediately picture in your head and you know how it’s gonna go. I’ll be amazed if this is anything more than 15 minutes of slow plodding about, with one of them squeaking out a decision. All respect to Arlovski, bless him, the fact he’s still around after all these years is incredible really. Especially considering we were all writing him off and declaring him shot to bits as far back as about 15 years ago when he was getting ironed out every other fight. I like him but there’s no way to dress it up, he hasn’t been any fun to watch in fucking years. He’s 45 years old now and this’ll be the 60th fight of his MMA career. But Jesus Christ. I just don’t have any desire to watch him fight anymore. He’s lost his last 3 on the bounce, and not even against good opposition, so maybe the end is finally approaching now. Buday’s 32 years old with a record of 13-2 and 9 inside the distance. He got stopped by Shamil Gaziev in his last fight in December, so that kind of tells you his level. If Arlovski loses another one, to fucking Buday, and goes 0-4, it might just be time to call it a day. 60 pro fights would be a nice time to stop. He won’t, but I hope he does.



Rei Tsuruya vs Carlos Hernandez has my attention. Been hearing a bit about Tsuruya. I’d never seen him fight but he was on that ‘Road To UFC’ thing earlier this year and I remember seeing his name thrown around a lot at the time as someone well worth keeping tabs on. He turns 22 years old literally days before this show and he’s unbeaten at 9-0 with 8 finishes. He fought some fucker called Niushiyue Ji in the ‘Road To UFC’ finals in February and won via first round TKO. I just gave it a quick look on Fight Pass.


That’s how he ended it. That modified neck crank looks brutal and led directly into the ground and pound finish. Looks like a promising addition to the Flyweight division. Hernandez is 9-3 with 4 wins by submissions. He’s had an up and down UFC run so far. In his last 3 fights he’s been subbed by Allan Nascimento, bounced back with a nasty stoppage win over Denys Bondar, then in his last fight he got chinned by Tatsuro Taira. Feels like they’re feeding him to Tsuruya as a showcase here but we’ll see how it goes.



Ricky Simon vs Vinicius Oliveira is ***WAND’S ONE TO WATCH*** for 303. Didn’t even know this was booked but I’m really looking forward to it now. Simon’s not gonna be troubling the title mix in a division as strong as Bantamweight but on a good day he’s a handful for pretty much anyone outside that elite level at 135. I think he’s gonna kind of settle into a bit of a gatekeeper role in the division. He’s 20-5 now and has submission wins over Jack Shore and Merab Dvalishvili. Yes, he actually subbed Merab back in 2018! Obviously Merab wasn’t quite the force back then that he is now but still an impressive win for Simon all the same. Like I said, on a good night, he can give a lot of BWs problems. He’s coming into this fight off back-to-back losses to Song Yadong and Mario Bautista now though. The Bautista fight was a cracker from what I remember but Song schooled him in their fight. He’s gonna be looking to make a statement here and get himself back on track. Vinicius Oliveira though…


If you didn’t recognise the face or the name, that flying knee has probably jogged your memory. Maybe the best knockout of the year so far for me. It was terrifying in real time. Bernardo Sopaj went down like he’d been shot by a sniper and he was out for a while. It was a relief when he got up but it was a rough knockout. Just brutal. But at the same time…beautiful. What a way for Oliveira to make his UFC debut! He’s 28 years old with a record of 20-3 and 18 finishes. Mostly knockouts. It understandably got overshadowed by the KO itself but it was a great fight even before that. Don’t know how far he can go or how good he actually is. I wasn’t familiar with Sopaj going into that fight either so it’s not always easy to gauge a performance like that. Simon’s a UFC veteran though and we’ve seen him mix with a bunch of established names in the UFC from Merab to Faber to Font to Assuncao to Shore to Song. Seeing how Oliveira does against a guy like this will tell us a lot more about him.



Good riddance Conor…


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It feels mental they have booked Hill on this as CO-Main so quickly after the brutal knockout he suffered from 300.
I understand he's been out due to injury so the want to fight as often this year feels neccisary but it dosen't feel like the best choice but i guess we will see.

Not a strong/stacked card this one but it's the return of the biggest star in history for them and that is what will draw and sell so why bother.

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  • Moderators

It is interesting for me to look at this McGregor fight and find myself now at the point where I truly don't give a shit about it. For me he's gone the full arc of being "must watch", to being "annoying but hoping he gets KTFO", to now just "the whole schtick will be boring and this fight is pointless".

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Agreed. Literally could not care less whether he fights or not. I find it bizarre he still even has fanboys at this point.

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Mickey Chandler, like most people in MMA, is another Trump/MAGA headtheball, and even then I sincerely hope when this is said and done that we see him tramping about the cage, jubilant and waving old glory like he's Hulk Hogan's stepchild. 

I fancy Chandler massively in this too, even though he's been out ages also. There's one man out of these two that I would trust is putting in the work, and it's not the sorry excuse for an Irishman. And when the going gets really tough, only one of them has shown for certain in their most recent fighting history that he has that dog in him. McGregor could absolutely knock him out - but he better do it in less than two or three minutes or my guess is he's toast. Hopefully. 

Rountree smashing his way through Hill en route to a fight with Pereira? Please, please don't tease me. That's a ball tingler. 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, WeeAl said:

Rountree smashing his way through Hill en route to a fight with Pereira? Please, please don't tease me. That's a ball tingler. 

Not so fast. Rountree vs Hill is off. Rountree with the old tainted supplements…


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Shit sorry bud, you hadn't altered the opening post when I checked in.

...plus if I the had the MVP on ignore this forum would be redundant.

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That's hugely disappointing. Hopefully it's as he says there, accidental, and Rountree doesn't lose a tonne of time as a result. 

What do we think then for the co-main now? Hill to get a replacement, or a full new fight with Hill being moved show? There's absolutely nothing on that undercard that should be second billing on a PPV. At least with Hill/Rountree you were potentially getting a number one contender out of it in a flagship division. 

Wouldn't be a bad idea to try and get two lightweights in there as co-main now instead in case something goes tits up with McGregor or Chandler. 

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If the fight is completely scrapped they have to get a substantial replacement in their. Gutted for hill and also respect to rountree for going online and being so honest with the reason and situation not many would and have been so open and honest with this situation.

With the main event I'm saying chandler gets the win against Conor and this will be the last time we see big Mac inside the octagon absolutely convinced on that one.

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7 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

Shit sorry bud, you hadn't altered the opening post when I checked in.

Yeah, I still haven’t to be fair 🤣 I can see why you thought it hadn’t been mentioned. 

1 hour ago, WeeAl said:

What do we think then for the co-main now?

I’m guessing…but a few days ago MVP did say he’s accepted a fight with Ian Garry.

Who knows if it’ll actually happen but it makes me wonder if maybe the UFC knew about Rountree being out then and started putting feelers out to MVP and Garry. I know Garry was angling to fight Colby Covington on this card but Colby was never gonna take a fight with a guy in his prime, under 35 and who doesn’t have a belt. But you have to think putting Garry on a McGregor card is a natural fit from the UFC’s standpoint. Then you get the attraction of MVP’s antics as well. I’m not saying it’d be some huge fight that warrants a PPV co-main spot, but it’s not like it’s any weaker or stronger than Hill vs Rountree would’ve been. I could definitely see them going with a Garry fight as co-main, even if it doesn’t end up being Venom in the opposite corner.

As for Jamahal Hill, this was a bit too quick a turnaround for him anyway, I reckon. To come of the Achilles injury then get sparked by Pereira and go straight back into training and sparring probably wasn’t the best move for him. He should probably rest up and try and get a fight with someone like Jiri Prochazka or Jan Blachowicz in late summer or something. 

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