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UFC 286: Edwards vs Usman 3 - Mar 18 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


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32 minutes ago, Dai said:

Are you doing a rewatch report of their last fight, Wand? I would be interested to know if it was as one sided as Im remembering it. My memory of it is being a complete shut out for Usman.

Yeah gonna give it a rewatch in a bit. Got a house full later but my Mrs is taking the kids to her mum’s in a bit so I’ve got the house to myself until about 6pm ☺️ gonna chill and properly catch up on the buildup stuff for this. Definitely wanna revisit that last fight before the rubber match tonight though. Don’t think I watched it back since the first time so it’ll be interesting to see if it looks any different 7 months later. 

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25 minutes ago, Browser Brady said:

Has Gunnar Nelson ever had a really genuinely impressive performance in the UFC, i am still scarred by that Damien Meia fight.

Loads. Off the top of my head, hes got a tonne of really impressive subs when hes gained top control and looked impossible to get off. Look at the Cowboy Oliveira fight, the DaMarques Johnson fight. There was a time, Id say, when there werent many better in the whole of the UFC when they had their opponent grounded. 

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2 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

My memory is it was very one sided after round 1. I have a feeling it may playout in similar fashion but Usman will play it safer and cruise to a decision or late stoppage.

I wouldn't be shocked if Usman basically goes for one takedown a round and plays it very safe to coast to a dull decision victory in this one. I don't really feel like Usman _has_ been a boring fighter like many label him as, but I do see a very safe strategy today.

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3 hours ago, Browser Brady said:

Anybody know what time UK time the main event is likely to start ?



Main card starts at 9 so you’re probably looking at around 11ish for the main event. Maybe slightly earlier. I’d try and tune in before that though for Gaethje vs Fiziev in the co-main. 

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Thought I hit send on this about 2 hours ago! Obviously not 🤣 seems pointless now but if anyone’s still arsed enough to read it…

Left it late but finally getting around to rewatching Usman vs Edwards 2 from back in August. Been meaning to have another look at this for a while now. From memory, I recall it being complete one way traffic after the first round, right up until the dramatic finish. But with how the fight ended and the aftermath and then turning right back around into this third fight, it’s all a bit of a blur.


When they faced off again at UFC 278 in the summer, it had been nearly 7 years since they first met on the prelims of a UFC on FOX card in December 2015. Usman won a unanimous decision that night in a decent but unspectacular fight. By the time last year’s rematch rolled around, safe to say the stakes were much higher. Both had gone from strength to strength in the years since that first fight. Usman had won his next 13 fights, became champion of the world and defended the belt 5 times. He beat Colby Covington twice, Jorge Masvidal twice, Gilbert Burns, Tyron Woodley, Rafael Dos Anjos and Demian Maia along the way and was being talked about as not only one of the greatest Welterweights in UFC history, but one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in the game. Edwards hadn’t had as glittery a run but had still been very successful. He hadn’t lost since dropping that decision to Usman in 2015, had put together a 10 fight unbeaten streak which included wins over Nate Diaz, Rafael Dos Anjos, Gunnar Nelson, Donald Cerrone and Vicente Luque. He also submitted Albert Tumenov, which is an underrated win on his record, and was utterly schooling Belal Muhammad before the unfortunate eyepoke ending. Both Tumenov and Belal have been in good form and winning ever since so it’s not like Edwards got them on the decline. He’d had so many setbacks though. His perceived lack of personality and his tendency to go to decisions didn’t exactly have the promotion itching to put him in a title fight anyway. Then add in COVID fucking up his planned big moment in London against Woodley when the world shut down in 2020 and other more marketable contenders jumping ahead of him, there were times when it seemed like he’d never get his shot. I think he only got it in August because Usman was running out of challengers. And even then there was silly talk about Conor McGregor coming back against Usman at 170 😂 thankfully common sense prevailed. The rematch was on.


Kamaru Usman©️vs Leon Edwards - Welterweight Title

UFC 278: Usman vs Edwards 2

August 20th 2022

Salt Lake City, Utah

It’s the usual PPV commentary squad of Jon Anik, Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier. Referee is Herb Dean. And after a slightly awkward, no glove touching face-off, we’re off. Well I say face-off…


Round 1: Usman pushing forward early on, Edwards on the backfoot trying to counter. Less than a minute in and the commentators are already banging on about the high altitude. Can’t remember if it was that big of a talking point during this fight on the night but I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna start to grate as it goes on. Edwards kicking at the legs early. Not a bad strategy considering Usman’s bad knees are common knowledge. Usman goes for his first takedown about a minute in but Leon defends it beautifully. Big confidence booster for him there. But it’s all for nowt as Leon tries a foot sweep from the clinch, loses his balance and Usman ends up on top of him anyway. But again, Edwards does a fantastic job getting back to his feet quickly and without taking any significant damage. They’re clinched up again and Edwards shocks Usman with a trip straight into full mount…


Knowing Usman’s knee issues, the way his right leg folds up there makes me fucking wince. Could’ve been a lot worse but it looked nasty. Edwards getting a takedown like that wasn’t something anyone saw coming, especially this early in the fight. Rogan’s saying he thinks it was the element of surprise and I definitely think there’s some truth to that. Last thing Usman would’ve been expecting. But it’s the biggest moment in the round so far and now Leon takes the back!


I remember watching this at the time and genuinely wondering if he could pull it off. I’ve always thought Edwards had a bit of an underrated ground game and we really hadn’t seen much of Usman on the bottom or having to defend back attacks like this. And his lone career loss early in his career was via rear naked choke. It amounts to sod all though. There isn’t enough time in the round and time runs out with them comically trading punches while Leon still has the back and Usman in a body triangle. Really strong opening round for Edwards that. 10-9 Brum.

Round 2: Edwards kicking the legs again and Usman goes straight for the clinch again. Edwards loses his footing for a second, looked like he got his foot stuck between the canvas and the fence, and Usman pounces with some body punches.


Uppercut from Usman but doesn’t land flush. Little break in the action now, Usman’s claiming an eyepoke but on the replays it looks questionable. Maybe a bit of gamesmanship from the champ there. More leg kicks from Leon and he keeps switching stance. He’s trying to time a knee up the middle when Usman comes in for the clinch but it hasn’t really paid off yet.


Nice left round the side of the guard there, which Rogan calls a “straight left” for some reason. Knee to the body by Edwards as Usman lands a punch. Leon answers with a left hook that doesn’t look that big a deal but kind of stops Usman in his tracks for a second. Feels like it’s warming up a bit now. But Edwards keeps having these spells where he retreats too much and allows himself to be backed up onto the cage. He’s doing some good stuff but his habit of ending up close to the fence means he keeps finding himself in the clinch pressed against the cage. Edwards actually breaks free this time but then immediately backs up onto the fence again. Fuck’s sake man. Baffling. They trade elbows in close and then Usman starts to open up a bit. Whips in a couple of thudding body shots and then gets a takedown with 30 seconds left on the clock. And that’s the round. Usman 10-9.

Frustrating one that because, honestly, up until about the last minute or so it was all to play for and they were fairly even. Towards the end of the round Leon just started giving up too much ground and Usman took over and ended strong. Edwards’ corner are clearly already recognising that and the now infamous “DON’T LET HIM BULLY YOU SON” pep talks have started between rounds. I don’t remember them talking like that this early in the fight, I remembered it being just before the last round. But like I said, about halfway through this round it was obvious that there was a shift and Leon started looking a bit tired/demoralised.

Round 3: Leon with leg kicks again. Definitely a clear tactic, it’s been his opening attack in every round so far. But Usman’s on him for a takedown again and gets it with ease.


Very little resistance from Edwards there. Not good. Even then he’s still managing to pop back up quickly, but he just keeps finding himself in these same bad positions over and over. This is miserable now for Edwards. Usman’s holding him against the cage and just repeatedly kneeing him in the back of the legs and kneeing the arse. It’s the kind of dull offence that fans moan about and admittedly it’s not exciting to watch as a spectator, but that’s the type of shit that a fighter is gonna feel for weeks after. Even the simple act of sitting down for a shite is gonna feel like torture.


Another easy takedown for Usman. Crowd’s booing and Edwards just looks completely dejected. Usman trying to work for a guillotine but they’re all crunched up against the cage and he doesn’t have enough room to work. Usman with some punches as the round ends and it’s another one in the books for the champ. Usman 10-9 again but honestly there’s probably a case for 10-8 because Leon got absolutely fuck all going that round.

Stark contrast between the mood in the opposite corners. Leon’s corner are screaming at him to wake up and do something. Then we go over to Usman’s corner and Trevor Wittman couldn’t sound much more content and relaxed.

Onto the championship rounds…

Round 4: Edwards comes out with a little bit more urgency here but still not enough really. Like clockwork he’s still throwing those leg kicks though and now mixing in a teep to the body. It’s almost like he’s trying to lower Usman’s guard for some reason 🤔 Usman overcommits on a wild swing and Edwards gets a clinch from the back that goes nowhere. Usman’s grabbing the fence, no warning from Herb. And it’s another piss easy takedown for Usman. Christ. The soundtrack to this fight now is the commentators talking about how Leon seems to be just ‘accepting’ being taken down and that he’s basically done, mixed in with the dulcet tones of the Edwards corner raging at him to “GET TO FUCK UP, ROCK” in Brummie accents. Last minute and Leon grabs the cage to get back to his feet during a scramble. Herb’s all over it and puts them back on the ground. Where was he when Usman was grabbing the fence earlier? Now Rogan and DC are trotting out the old “that’s why Herb Dean is the best” cobblers. Forget all the times he stood around watching unconscious fighters eat extra shots, nobody’s grabbing the fence with their naughty hands on his watch. Piss off.


Usman ups the aggression in the last seconds and it’s another clear round for him. At this point there’s no other scorecard to have. Usman’s 3-1 up going into the last round. That’s 39-37 at a minimum. Worse if you had any 10-8s in there. So going into the final round, Edwards needs a finish. And when you factor in that Usman hasn’t been finished, or even been close to being finished, since his second pro fight 9 years and 19 fights ago. Then combine that with the fact that Edwards had only got 2 finishes out of his last 12 fights. It wasn’t looking good.

Edwards’ corner are losing the plot now. Dave Lovell isn’t having it.



Round 5: Both look a bit slower and more weary now. To be expected. It’s been a gruelling battle and with all the clinch work, Usman repeatedly going for takedowns and Edwards having to constantly try to defend them, they must’ve been absolutely knackered. Especially adding in the high altitude. The commentators ask for Din Thomas’ input at this point and, while there is some truth to what he’s saying, he sounds way harsh. Talking about Edwards being “broken” and speculating that he thinks Leon is “ashamed and embarrassed of his own performance”. They’re talking about it being a “moral victory” now if Edwards even makes it to the final bell. For all the negativity and criticism though, Leon is able to defend Usman’s takedown attempt here.


Rogan’s throwing his two penneth in now, saying Edwards just “isn’t good enough to beat the best” and that the level Usman’s on is a “different world”. Usman holds him against the cage and listens to boos as he stomps the feet. Flashbacks to that Masvidal stinker the first time they fought. They’re on about Usman never getting tired but he looks almost as tired as Edwards here. He’s doing the bare minimum and trying to ride out the time. Herb breaks them up, restarts them in the middle and the crowd erupts. With the benefit of hindsight, that’s a huge moment in this fight. Edwards with the teep to the gut again and a quick left-right. Body kick again from Edwards. Usman’s complaining that it was low but, like the eyepoke earlier, the replays kind of beg to differ. I love Usman but there does always seem to be these ‘moments’ in his fights when it comes to fouls, doesn’t there? More leg kicks from Leon but as the seconds tick away it’s looking more and more likely that he’s just heading for losing a lopsided decision.

“He may have resigned himself to losing a decision.” - Joe Rogan

“But that is not the cloth from which he is cut…” - Jon Anik

Before Anik can even finish his sentence…



Headshot. Bang. Done!

Unbelievable scenes as the crowd come unglued and Edwards’ corner, including his brother Fabian, rush into the cage. The crowd is going banana, the commentators are doing their silly played out shocked faces into the ‘reaction cam’ and Rogan is doing his best to ruin an all time great moment by doing what he always does these days whenever something big happens. Just repeating “OH MY GOODNESS. WOW!! OH MY GOODNESS. WOW!!” Over and over. I’m not a big fan of Cormier’s commentary but he has the best line here.

“We were writing his obituary. He actually pulled victory from the jaws of defeat. Hey, we wrote his obituary! That is amazing.” - Daniel Cormier

Then after writing Edwards off for about 4 rounds straight, Rogan starts in with his “that is what we were saying about Leon Edwards…” pish. Do fuck off Joseph with you’re ‘even when I’m wrong I’m right’ stuff 😂



Winner - Leon Edwards by knockout. Round 5 - 4:04.

One of the most crazy moments in UFC history for me. Easily the greatest single win by a UK fighter in MMA history as well. Bisping coming off a movie set and sparking Luke Rockhold in a round will always hold a special place in my heart but this was next level just because of who Edwards beat. Usman had been so dominant and was legitimately being talked about as one of the P4P best. And the way the fight played out just made it all the more legendary.


I mentioned it in the opening post but the videos that were doing the rounds on social media after the fight of Leon with the belt, breaking down phoning his mum were incredible. It hasn’t always come across because he’s not the best talker or most engaging personality but Leon Edwards’ story is insane. It was such a cool moment to see him with that belt. Even if it only ends up being a brief thing. Maybe the reign ends tonight. But that was a special night back in August that nobody can ever take away from him. He’s been able to open up a restaurant for his mum following this win and whatever happens from here, just the fact he’s been able to turn his life around and do what he’s done is a massive success story.


Part 3 then.

The trilogy decider is upon us. I think from the second the last fight ended, everyone knew they’d be running it back and going straight into the rubber match. And within a day or so the wheels were already in motion to get the fight on and do it in the UK. I’ve been back and forth on how I think it’ll go ever since. On the one hand, there’s a sense that Usman’s getting older, his knees are dodgy and now coming off this devastating loss, the first knockout loss of his career, you wonder how he’ll rebound. On the surface he appears to have handled the loss about as well as anyone who’s ever lost a big fight. Probably better. But a loss like that is still gonna haunt you to some degree. And now Leon knows for a fact it can be done, and for maybe the first time in his UFC career he’ll actually have overwhelming support from the crowd, you’ve got to think he’ll be flying coming into this fight. His confidence must be sky high. But I don’t know. I just get the feeling Usman’s not done yet. I think he gets the gold back, probably on points. I see it going pretty much exactly the same as it did in August, minus the finish. As great as that knockout by Edwards was, he was still one minute away from losing a decision. It definitely wasn’t a fluke. The pre-fight footage is out there of Edwards and his coaches specifically working on setups for that very same left high kick. And all those leg and body kicks in the fight were clearly designed to bring the hands down and open that headkick up. The chances of that happening twice are very slim. Leon’s not typically a big finisher and Usman doesn’t usually get careless or make a lot of mistakes. But who really knows? I’m about 60/40 in favour of Usman but maybe that KO is gonna end up being the start of him fading away. People forget but he was dropping hints about retiring even before the Covington rematch in late 2021. He’s probably not gonna be doing this much longer. And if he’s thinking that way and then has the baggage of the KO last time weighing on him plus the bad knees and a hostile crowd, it sounds like bad news for him. But I think he goes 2-1 in the trilogy tonight. And if he does, I can’t think of a more badass way to bounce back than to avenge the loss last time, reclaim the belt and do it on Leon’s home soil.

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I'll probably not see this until tomorrow night, but having a really hard time calling both of the top two fights. I wouldn't be shocked by any result in either fight apart from maybe Gaethje by submission. That would be a surprise. I think over three rounds Gaethje might take the decision but I wouldn't pick him over five. Wouldn't be surprised if this is a last hurrah though for Gaethje at a top level. The wheels have to fall off eventually. 

With Usman and Edwards I'm expecting a decision one way or another. If Usman has similar success with the takedown then he'll win. If Edwards finds a way to not get taken down in three rounds then I could see him taking the lead in a stand up dance. 

I'm afraid to call this one past that as there are all the other factors going on. The crowd, the previous finish, the boost that will have given Leon. I don't really expect these two men to be the same in this fight as the last one, but I do expect some caution from both. It's too big a night and too important for anyone to get carried away too early. I think, anyway. 

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16 minutes ago, Browser Brady said:

Is there a way i can purchase this event on my PS4 ?


It doesn’t seem available via Now TV !



I had the same issue, the box office app isn’t available on the ps store. I ended up getting the bt box office app on my phone and casting it to my tv. 

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