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UFC 285: Jones vs Gane - Mar 4 🇺🇸


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2 hours ago, Carbomb said:

No, but he told Bisping to fuck off once.

I never miss a chance to remind people of that. Still cracks me up.

Plus GSP made Matt Hughes his bitch, twice, and sent that rancid farmboy cretin on a downward spiral in his career that he never recovered from. Also did the same with Josh Koscheck who was another absolute bellend. GSP actually worked as a binman before his MMA career took off and it seems he continued taking out the trash into his fighting days.

The GOAT. And don’t forget, Wednesday is collection day. 


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Not to mention that he was another fighter who got out on his own terms. 

Not only that, but I bet when he put pen to paper on that four-fight deal uncle Dana thought he had him right where he wanted him. Get the title on him, then get three more fights out of him before sending him back to the used fighter scrap heap.

Only for GSP to fight Bisping, win the title, then vacate the belt less than a month later. Dana offered him a fight with Nate Diaz, and GSP said "nah, not interested" which prompted Dana to get all huffy and proclaim that GSP wouldn't be allowed to fight Khabib at lightweight and that he'd stay at welter, only for GSP to once again say "nah, not interested" and walk away with what he wanted, which was two-weight champion status.

Honestly, there isn't anyone better. Insanely great fighter, incredibly smart guy when it comes to business, and to top it all off, a lovely bloke as well. 

A little story about GSP if you'll indulge me. 

I met him at the inaugural For the Love of MMA event in Manchester. I was stood in the queue for an autograph, and noticed on his price sheet he was also offering selfies. The lad in front of me got his autograph, which he paid for, then asked if he could get a quick selfie.

Before GSP could answer, the event staff handler berk who was assigned to GSP jumped up and was like "selfies are £20 extra" to which the lad with his phone in hand looked a bit caught off-guard. 

Just as he went to put his phone back in his pocket GSP grabbed his arm and said "it's fine, he's not getting a selfie with me, I'm wanting a selfie with him. I hope you don't charge for them?" and the lad just smiled this huge shit-eating grin and posed for his photo. 


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On 3/5/2023 at 12:57 PM, wandshogun09 said:

Cody Garbrandt finally got back in the win column and you know what that means, don’t you?

Yes...means we'll be hanging with the BOOOYYYYYYYZZZZ


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In fairness, Jones is only saying what he can. He'll keep the rivalry going in case Ngannou ever comes back, and will back his current employer who's paying him well and met his demands as much as they realistically ever would.

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I get why he’s doing it but it’s still bollocks that deserves calling out every time he vomits it forth. There’s enough idiots parroting and taking his shite as gospel now. Blindly believing the UFC/Jones version and acting like Ngannou shat himself, it’s always worth pointing out when he’s talking cobblers. Which is most of the time, to be honest. 





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