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MMA Positivity? Where?


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I realise this thread could die on its arse because these fuckers don’t give us much to work with when it comes to positive things. But here goes. Just seen this clip of Jens Pulver finding out he’s going into the UFC Hall Of Fame.

I don’t keep up with who’s in the HOF really. I don’t think people keep tabs on it like they do with the WWE one. But I just assumed Jens was already in. He basically started the Lightweight division. There was a small group of names who put 155 on the map in the late 90s/early 2000s. BJ Penn, Caol Uno, Din Thomas, Yves Edwards, Dennis Hallman etc. But when I think of the beginnings of the Lightweight division, I think of ‘Lil Evil’ first.


Also one of the first in MMA to show some really nice Boxing skills and he was involved in one of the best seasons of TUF as well opposite Penn. That rivalry was the first proper feud at 155 as well. A true pioneer. Granted, the HOF isn’t gonna pay his bills or undo any head trauma he’s accrued over the years but it’s the positivity thread so I’m looking at the good side of it and you can see how much it means to Pulver there. Well deserved.

The way this year started, I’m well aware that this might end up being the one and only post in this thread but there’s been enough shittiness and negativity in the first month and a bit of the year. If you find something MMA related that’s nice, share the good vibes here.

Now turn that frown upside down like Mrs Taker’s stalker did. 


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Posted (edited)

Don’t know if we mentioned it on here at the time but Mike Swick was diagnosed with cancer a while back. He’s just announced now that he’s cancer free!

With the deaths of Stephan Bonnar and Lodune Sincaid, plus the depressing state of Diego Sanchez still getting his face bashed in to this day, Chris Leben having some bad health issues and the sad tale of the show basically ruining the life of old ‘Strange Brew’, a lot of that TUF 1 cast haven’t had much in the way of positive stories since. Hopefully Swick can be one of them and stay cancer free. I was never a big fan of him when he was fighting, didn’t dislike him either just kind of indifferent. But I’ve watched a few of his interview/podcast things over the last few years and he comes across as a decent guy and seems to have a nice setup in Thailand. Only 43 as well so plenty of life left to live. 

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This is probably the wrong thread for this as it is boxing for a start but I saw this on another forum and it cheered me up plus I've had a few beers.

Remember when quiet, likeable Marcus Maidana fought Adrien Broner ? He was a massive underdog and Broner was being hyped as the next big boxing superstar by the American media. He was going to humiliate Maidana by all accounts. Instead the brawler Maidana beat the fucking brakes off Broner, knocking him down twice and putting an absolute beating on him.



Broner was a total bellend in the build up whilst Maidana stayed cool. Then he just completely fucked him up when the bell rung.

Maidana went on to two massive paydays fighting Floyd Mayweather twice following the win. Broner followed it up by assaulting multiple women, punching fans and losing every big fight he ever had. 

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Broner/Maidana is probably my favorite fight of all time. Just an all-time classic for all the reasons you stated. 

Maidana got out out of the game post-Mayweather and seemed to be enjoying the fruits of his labour whenever he popped up online. There was talk of a comeback but it never happened. Everyone loves a cult hero in Boxing, and Maidana was mine. What a guy.


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