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2023 Bucket Kicking Thread

Gus Mears

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I'm midway through a rewatch of The Wire so it's horrible to read this as we're enjoying such a fine performance of his.

It's not been mentioned but he is FANTASTIC in Bosch, as another senior po-lice.  He says Bosch's name without ever unlocking his jaw so he always grinds out "DeTECTIVE... BOSCH" with real distaste.  Well worth watching, Amazon Prime's best original series imo and there's a LOT of Reddick in it.

I actually peripherally worked with him a few years ago on Quantum Break, never met him but I edited a load of cutscenes with him in so I have a ton of recordings of his voice on my server somewhere.  He basically always plays the same character, but it's a great character!

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