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UFC Vegas: Ladd vs Dumont - Oct 16 🇺🇸


Who wins and how?   

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When we consider the sheer depth to a lot of the upcoming and recent PPV cards I think we can forgive these shows for being weak. As I've said before, these are just the equivalent of the "fight night" boxing type cards we've seen in the US for years. A chance for prospects to move on up in the rankings, and for solid middle-of-the-road "names" to either win and bank some coin, or lose and boost a newcomer a little.

As MMA fans we're kind of spoiled to an extent. 

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Yeh thats how im seeing it now. Im happy to skip certain shows now or just cherry pick fights from them. If it was the only show in a calender monty it'd be different, but by the time you've complained about one you are hit with a monster PPV.

The Apex isnt helping. As much as ive grown the dislike the environment, the UFC has no obligation to sell tickets, so they can basically do what they want with these shows to fulfill their TV contract.

We cant complain about the quality of the PPV's though, the UFC are putting in higher level shows than ever before.

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