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WWE to hold Wembley PPV next year?


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3 hours ago, King Coconut said:

Whenever I get a bit homesick I go onto Facebook and watch Ninjah play the bins. Is "Shake hands" Roy still alive? He'd be great on the door.

I have no idea sorry, that’s a name I haven’t heard in donkey’s years!

It’s a shame Toy Mic Trev died a few years ago, would love to hear him belting out the anthem beforehand.

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23 minutes ago, Egg Shen said:

doesnt this "UK PPV" rumor, start and go nowhere every year?

I think this got a bit more steam behind it with it being 30 years since Summerslam, but that along with some news site saying “WWE might do a PPV in England next year, or they might not” seemed to be the entire basis of the rumour.

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This whole thread started with the idea of a September UK PPV and then got sidetracked by the idea it was SummerSlam. There seems to be some truth in it for it to be kept going. If they're talking about Sept 3/4 then that would be Labor Day weekend in the States. So I doubt they would go up against All Out with a US based PPV.

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