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Bellator 266 - Davis vs. Romero (Sept. 18th)

Egg Shen

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On 9/15/2021 at 11:26 AM, WeeAl said:

I hope I'm wrong, but. . . there's pretty much no chance this fight is;

A) Exciting


B) Has the result we all want. 

Let me ask you all. You're an MMA promoter and you get one chance to book a Yoel Romero fight. Do you book him against Phil fucking Davis? Not a hope in Dixie. 


echo this.

Romero/Davis is a baffling first out for Romero. Davis is great at making fighters fight his fight, he'll do little damage and eek out boring decisions. Against a guy like Romero it just seems written in the script that he'll stick his jab in Romero's face and breeze to an uneventful 30-27 win. I dont think Davis will do anything to make Romero go for it.

I hope im wrong.

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I watched the main event of this this morning when I woke up and I didn't have high expectations going in from everyone's comments about Phil Davis ext but I think he went in here and absolutely showed yoel up in a huge way.

Yoel was obviously coming in making his debut for bellator and everyone was saying it was almost a dead cert he was going to win but I was shocked at how bad yoel looked man. He never got slightly out of first gear and when it came to the middle of the second round and definitely in the third Davis knew exactly what he needed to do and figured out what he had to do going forward and just dominated him completely through the third round.

I was very very shocked at one of the judges scoring it for yoel even the commentators said they hadn't a clue how they scored that as it was fairly obvious it was a unanimous decision for davis but the real shocker was post fight when yoel was screaming saying he thought it was a 5 round fight??!! How fucking little research has he done into the company he now works for to not know that every fight is 3 rounds unless it's a title fight.

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8 minutes ago, Kfogg1991 said:

Yoel was obviously coming in making his debut for bellator and everyone was saying it was almost a dead cert he was going to win

I didn’t see many picking Yoel to win myself. And certainly not on here, the poll reflects that as well, 6-2 to Davis. It seemed almost unanimous on here that everyone was expecting a depressing and frustrating to watch points loss for Yoel and rightly complaining that it was a crappy matchup for him as a debut. Unfortunately it played out that way as well. We’ve seen for years that Yoel Romero is quite content to just hang back and do sod all until you get frustrated, come forward and give him and opening. And then he’s deadly. The problem with this matchup was that Davis wasn’t gonna be drawn into that game. He’ll stick to his gameplan even if it means the fight is boring, he doesn’t care and he’s made a career off it. Big win for him and I like him outside the cage but he’s just one of those fighters who people are never gonna clamour to watch.

I was definitely baffled by the one judge scoring it for Romero. No way you could give him 2 of those rounds. I think the post-fight bit was just Yoel being Yoel. They’d have definitely known how many rounds this was. I think that was his way of trying to save face and act like he thought there were 2 more rounds and was saving his energy or something.

Seeing calls for him to retire on Twitter and stuff. Maybe he should, he’s in his 40s and that eye looks well dodgy. But he was never gonna look great against Phil Davis. Nobody does really.

Seeing a Gracie win by knockout is always weird. I still haven’t got over the time Renzo upkicked Oleg Taktarov to sleep back in 1996, for fuck’s sake! Is this the first Gracie KO since Ryan in Pride? That’s gotta be about 20 years ago now. Or am I missing one from one of the lesser known Gracies in another promotion over the years?

Oh and I see Alejandra Lara lost 😞 her and Yoel losing hopefully means Ortega gets sparked by Volk next week to even things out. 

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Well it played out how many expected, but it wasnt as dull as expected, in fact i quite enjoyed it. Davis was just too much for Romero. Standup wise it was close but Davis was doing more, the physicality when it came to the wrestling was an eye opener, Davis man handled Romero. Great performance from Phil Davis, kind of turned me back into a fan too.

Romero complaining at the end that he thought the fight was supposed to be 5 rounds was the most Yoel Romero thing ive ever seen.

Neiman Gracies finish was great, what a variety of strikes!

Big Tuna knocking out top prospect Christian Edwards was great too. If they fought 10 times you'd expect Edwards to win 9 of them, this was probably the 1. This had shades of Aaron Pico/Zach Freeman to it.



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what were Bellator thinking?

Thing is, it probably doesnt hurt Romero's stock. Romero/Rumble is still one of the best fights Bellator can make, if Rumbles illness isnt too bad.


Assuming Romero stays at 205lb where do you go next?

Romero/Manheof? 🤯


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