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AEW Friday Night Rampage

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17 minutes ago, jazzygeofferz said:

I hear Smackdiwn's extra half hour will be given to Edge & Rollins inside hell in a cell. So does this just further put paid to the WWE company line of "we don't view AEW as competition?" or is it just coincidence? If I was TK I'd have some coffee spilling angle in the back involving two out of Punk, Jericho and Danielson then spin a match out of it in a nod to that bollocks with Kane way back when. Or even stick one of Danielson and Punk in the ring with somebody. What's Adam Cole up to? 

I just presumed that match would be in Saudi Arabia.

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11 minutes ago, Tsurutagun said:

Wouldn't be surprised if Tony Khan turns up on commentary during the first match and says "Obviously not watching Smackdown but it'll probably end in a DQ so tell your friends to watch us instead" 

"I could buy WWE. I could take out an injunction. I won't, but I could!"




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Send HOBBS!!

Tazz was hilarious as ever in the main event. What a pick up he has been. Nails every role he's in and is the most fun surly prick on the planet. Just a shame Jericho is there sucking up oxygen. Thank God the Cage experiment is finally over and we can all move on in our lives.

Powerhouse Hobbs is the man.

Lio Rush doing Money Matt's gimmick isn't working. Just stick him with Jade Cargill already.

Punk/Garcia was one of my favourite AEW matches during this hot run. Shockingly good. Punk looked sharper than he did during his last years in WWE. I've been cool on Punk so far, he's nice but nothing inspiring. This match was the first time I've really felt anything for him since his debut. Excellent selling, learned offence and perfectly timed comebacks. It sounds proper Cornette but this really hit the spot for me as a simple, traditionally built wrestling match. Love Daniel Garcia too. Man crush city. Unique look that perfectly suits his no-nonsense grapplefuck style. Handsome bit of rough that wouldn't hesitate smashing a bottle in your face.

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12 hours ago, Louch said:

Garcia hasn’t won a match on tv yet, and no one is mentioning “burial” as he’s lost nothing In Any match he’s had. Seems very 123 kid, in that he’s gonna get an “upset “ soon, but no one will be shocked 

That shows how good he is, and how good a job AEW have done with him that I didn't realise that he hadn't won a match on TV yet.

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