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58 minutes ago, jazzygeofferz said:

Well that was a turn up for the books. I had an earphone in and radio coverage on at the supermarket and when they Hungarian goal went in I nearly gave Mrs Jazzy a heart attack celebrating. When that French goal went in I was concerned that its be the first of several like against Portugal and stopped listening.

If Germany can somehow beat Portugal tonight I guess we have to channel the spirit of '54 in the final group game. By which I mean the group stages, not the final... 


In '54 teams only played twice in the groups and the seeding was messed up, and Germany realised if they lost to Hungary, they'd have a play off with turkey and have an easier route to the final. 

They fielded a second string against Hungary and lost 8-3, smashed turkey 7-2 in the playoff and then in the miracle of Berne beat beat team in the world Hungary 3-2 in the final after being two goals down. 

The format of the World Cup has been in question many a time over the years and I remember reading in World Soccer that the format then used for the Euros (4 groups of 4 teams, top two into knockouts etc) promoted a better quality of football. 

The current Euro format is actually one FIFA dropped and can lead to many a strange situation. 

24 teams is unwieldy and throws up some scenarios that hinder the quality of the thing.

To get 24 teams into 16 for the knockouts, granting 3rd placed teams a chance to advance is so screwed up that in the past under this formula (World Cups 1986-1994 and Euro 2016) teams have advanced to the knockouts having not won a game (Portugal 2016) or with very poor records from the three games (Uruguay 1986, two draws, and a GD of -5!).

Of course Portugal won in 2016 and only won one match (if you consider extra time and /or penalties as tie breakers, which I do). The European Champions could only "beat" Wales inside of 90 minutes.

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My favourite part was when the transmission went wonky and we lost Robbie Savage for a few minutes.

Well, that's alright, innit? The UKs finest team does it again

Note to all:  this is the epitome of the kind of garbage post we're talking about when we say 'no live chat' and why the rule exists. Zero tolerance* on any more in this thread going forward. So

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That Germany Portugal game was a real slobber knocker. You can't rule Germany out of going all the way on that form, which doesn't bode well for Hungary on Wednesday night. That France Portugal game should be fiery as well. It really wouldn't surprise me if one of those three won, as I've been suspecting since the start. 

Presumably this one's got 0-0 written all over it. Spain will tiki taka around the midfield while Poland have 10 behind the ball and just take the point and hope they can get something from Sweden. 

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50 minutes ago, Weezenal said:

Gonna have to watch Spain pass a million times and not score instead now.

That's what I'm hoping for.

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2 hours ago, jazzygeofferz said:

You can't rule Germany out of going all the way on that form

You can, Italy are winning it. I know the first couple of games rarely gives away the eventual winner but…. yeah, Italy.

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On 5/21/2021 at 4:07 PM, SpiritOfTheForest said:

As second sides go, I'd like to see Spain do well and after living out there I feel I can justifiably claim them as a respectably good second team to have a soft spot for. Even though I technically live in Italy now, it's Sardinia so I have no sense of attachment to the Azzurri so not too fussed what they do. 

 After watching the first 2 games of each team in this tournament, I'm going to shamelessly reverse this statement and do the classic Italian thing of changing my allegiance. 

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