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Canelo vs Saunders - May 8 🥊 🇲🇽 🇬🇧

Who wins and how?   

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What a lovely day this is. The sun’s shining, fry up on the go... ...got tomorrow booked off work, taking the kids to the park in a bit... ...still got the UFC to watch later, maybe

I will if Saunders wins 😁

Frank Mir. 

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its hit and miss. 

A massive spoiler wont hit you in the face when you enter the app, but if you scroll through it you may see a spoiler in a thumbnail, like a photo of the winnner doing their post fight interview or something. The UFC Fight Pass app is guilty of doing the same thing, it drives me fucking nuts.

Your best course of action is to log onto the app and immediately goto the schedule tab. The Canelo/Saunders show will be listed under 'Sunday 9th May', and play it from there. You avoid seeing any other thumbnails/videos by doing that. The thumbnails there have always been spoiler free.

edit: the auto player which plays everytime you log onto the app is annoying too. Never saw a spoiler there the day after a show but it might be worth pausing the video before it starts running too.

Why do they make these things so complicated?

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Saunders Dad is now claiming the fight is off due to the ring not being sorted. I still fully expect it to happen. Saunders didnt turn up for the first face off though.

John Ryder is apparently flying out to step in in Saunders does pull out.

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i think Saunder's Dad and the people with him are just out there to intentionally cause trouble and disrupt Canelo's preperation.

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“Grow some bollocks” from the team who bitched about the ring not being big enough for Saunders to run away.

Seriously, I get what they’re doing. It’s their only hope really, trying to get Canelo off his game. Can’t see it making any difference once the bell rings though. I hope Canelo proper fucks him up. 

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Regarding this:


Saunders has claimed that Canelo's choice to use a ring with dimensions between 16-20ft is not befitting of a world super-middleweight championship unification fight.

Mayweather used to require that his opponents box him in rings between 23ft and 26ft. This obviously limited Mayweather's opponents potential to ring-cut and trap him against the ropes, which was one the best gameplans to implement against him. Castillo and Madiana had the most success against Mayweather partially because they used a diverse array of attacks to put him on the back foot and then up against the ropes. 

By asking Saunders to fight in a smaller right, Canelo is doing the same as Mayweather, just in reverse. The smaller the ring, the less space there will be for Saunders to run and the easier it will be for Canelo to pressure him/back him up against the ropes. 

Yet, I have less of an issue with Canelo's request. Should welterweights and middleweights really be boxing in 20ft + rings that are designed for heavyweights?

And yes, I know that Saunders' camp are merely playing mind games. I just don't like their arguments. 

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Yeah it’s all gamesmanship. The size of the ring they’re using is within the standard range. It’s just Saunders being Saunders. If they can get a bit more room to play with they’ll take it but it’s probably more just to annoy Team Canelo than anything.

Already seeing all the online body language experts reading into that little confrontation and saying Canelo is rattled.


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