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UFC Vegas: Reyes vs Prochazka - May 1 🇺🇸

Who wins and how?   

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Decent show I thought, despite all the decisions. The last two fights took it from average to very memorable though. Jiri Prochazka is a beast. Not without flaws obviously. And I still can’t help

That's him fucked then 😉

He deserves to be fined for that. After the Jeremy Stephens thing last weekend that was ridiculous. I fancy Jacoby in that fight too. Id imagine Cutelaba coming out like maniac throwing bombs, but Jac

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Cutelaba vs Jacoby might well steal the show. Way better than the original Devin Clark fight.

Speaking of Cutelaba being a dickhead, I forgot all about this;

And there was this...


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Posted (edited)

Decent show I thought, despite all the decisions. The last two fights took it from average to very memorable though.

Jiri Prochazka is a beast. Not without flaws obviously. And I still can’t help thinking that wild style is gonna be his undoing at some point. We saw flashes of it in the first round here when Reyes cracked him with that counter left and hurt him. But Jiri murdered him in the second round.


Fucking hell man. That’s surely Knockout Of The Year so far. One of those knockouts where you go from losing your shite at how great it was to thinking ‘wait, is he dead?’ Tough break for Reyes. From undefeated to a 3 fight skid in no time. And this was a bad one. Interesting times for 205. Despite it being more shallow than it’s been in years, it’s unpredictable as well and that always adds an element of excitement. I genuinely couldn’t tell you who’s going to be champ at 205 by the end of the year out of Blachowicz, Teixeira or Prochazka. I could see all of them beating each other in violent fashion. 

Giga Chikadze looked good. I told you Cub with hair is cursed. This was the Chikadze I was hoping to see when he signed. I remember before his UFC debut I did a bit of digging and saw all these clips of him just ruining sods with body kicks. His first few UFC fights went the distance and I don’t think he turned many heads but sometimes fighters take a while to adjust and get comfortable in the Octagon. He seems to feel at home now. Stopped Jamey Simmons last time out and now wrecks Cub Swanson in a round.


Bas Rutten was grinning from ear to ear somewhere watching this.

Chikadze’s already said he’s up for headlining next week’s card and has already offered to step in against Cerrone. 


I’d be well up for that. Even as headliner for next week. Better than that Waterson vs Rodriguez fight they’re currently on about. Although Chikadze’s at 145 and Cowboy’s at 170 so, probably not happening. Him vs Calvin Kattar is probably more realistic. 

Cutelaba vs Jacoby going the distance and ending in a draw was the last thing I think anybody expected. Typical dogfight though. Those elbows against the fence from Cutelaba in the first were nasty. Jacoby got back into it in the second. Third was a bit cack as they’d both slowed right down. Wouldn’t mind seeing this rebooked in a few months. 

Enjoyed Dvalishvili vs Stamann more than I expected to. Wasn’t amazing or anything but it was fun to watch. Dvalishvili was non-stop. 

Don’t know what to make of that Luana Pinheiro vs Randa Markos fight. Whether you thought Pinheiro was faking or not, it was an illegal kick so it had to be declared a DQ. Bisping was saying they should’ve gone to the scorecards but there hadn’t even been a full round completed yet so I don’t know how that would’ve worked. All kinds of talk today that Pinheiro was acting, fuck knows. It did look that way at times but if she was concussed, things can look weird when a fighter has their head scrambled. Felder wasn’t having it, was he? It did look suspect to me but who are we to say? Shame though because it was shaping up nicely before that kick. 

Don’t know what the judges were doing during the Brown vs Kamaka fight but I had Kamaka winning that one. Wasn’t scoring it mega closely but I definitely felt like he won and was baffled when they announced it for Brown. For what it’s worth the media all had it for Kamaka as well. 


For a guy like Kamaka especially, this is awful. He can’t be on much show/win and he’s just been mugged of half of it. All well and good people spouting off the old ‘don’t leave it in the hands of the judges’ shite but that’s a cop out and doesn’t address the issue of inept judging. These guys obviously want the finish, it just doesn’t always happen. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying by Kamaka. 

And I didn’t see the fight but Felipe Colares went all Hughes-Trigg 2 on Luke Sanders in the curtain jerker.



Bit of a half and half show but I mostly enjoyed it. Bisping and Felder having the occasional dig at that Joshua Fabia oddball was a highlight for me as well. 

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Agree with everything Wand said. If anyone is not planning on watching this show, do yourself a favour and at least watch the main event. Was an absolute belter. Disgusting KO, it looked like Reyes had been hit with a sniper the way he went down. Reyes showed insane toughness in this one, and went out on his shield for sure. Im sure everyone watching it knew as soon as Reyes didnt finish the choke that it was game over. What's very interesting is that Reyes hit Prochazka with some heavy shots throughout, but midway through R2, Reyes looked like Rocky after 12 rounds with Apollo, and Prochazka looked completley unscathed.

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