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Bellator 257 - Nemkov vs. Davis 2 (April 16)

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Was slow on the uptake for 256, so i got 257 up earlier. 2 Grand Prix quarter finals on tap for this one:

Main Card:

Vadim Nemkov vs. Phil Davis

Corey Anderson vs. Dovletdzan Yagshimuradov

Veta Arteaga vs. Desiree Yanez

Paul Daley vs. Sabah Homasi


Julia Budd vs. Dayana Silva

Jay-Jay Wilson vs. Pedro Carvalho

Viktor Nemkov vs. Karl Albrektsson

Saul Rogers vs. Mads Burnell

John De Jesus vs. Alfred Khashakyan

Julius Anglickus vs. Gregory Millard

Raymond Daniels vs. Peter Stanonik

Steve Mowry vs. Shaun Asher

Lance Gibson Jr. vs. Marcus Surin

Grachik Bozinyan vs. Denarques Jackson

More to be added to the prelim card id expect but i like that main card.

Nemkov/Davis is a rematch from 2018, i dont recall the bout of the top of my head but Nemkov won it via split decision.

Yagshinaradov is the wildcard of the whole thing. He was the ACA 205lb Champ and is riding a good win streak, i expect him to be a bit of a beast. Weirdly he opened as a favorite over Anderson when this was announced but that's switched now, Anderson is the betting favorite.

Paul Daley has unretired too, which is nice.





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34 minutes ago, Egg Shen said:

Nemkov/Davis is a rematch from 2018, i dont recall the bout of the top of my head but Nemkov won it via split decision.

The decision was fair imo. Nemkov won rounds 1 and 2, but got tired in round 3 and allowed Davis to take over.

Nemkov reasoned in an interview recently that he gassed out because he committed to a slam in the second round and this drained his reserves. He says he's since learned to manage his gas tank more efficiently. Still, cardio is still the biggest question mark lingering over Nemkov and has been since his Rizin days. 

Davis' body isn't what it used to be at 36. He therefore doesn't grapple in fights as much as he used to. That bodes well for Nemkov, as I don't think Davis is likely to beat him in a straight striking battle. 

I'll be shitting myself on the night, but fuck it, Nemkov to win on points. 

This is easily my favourite MMA photo of recent times:



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2 minutes ago, Egg Shen said:

This card is pretty loaded througout the prelims. Im not sure what happpened to this weekends 256 card, they've neglected that one a bit.


I think the Saul Rogers vs. Mads Burnell fight was meant to be on either the 255 or 256 card, but was pushed back to this card for some reason. 

This card has also lost Romero vs Rumble and Pico, so it could have been even more stacked. 

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A rematch between Raymond Daniels & Peter Stanonik has been added to this. You may remember the rematch ending after arguably the most horrific low blow in MMA history.

Great card this.

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