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Foreign Language Song of the Day Thread

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Does this count as a foreign language song? Because here it is again in case you've managed to forget about it...  

There was a French song that was on MTV in the late 80s/early 90s. It was a female singer and the chorus ended in a long high note. The video had Bhangra dancers and the song had Bhangra strings in it. I know that vague as fuck but any ideas?

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A classic that always reminds me of a holiday to Greece when I was nine. Heard this song everywhere. The English language version was also pretty popular, sung by Connie Francis in the US.

But here's the original and best, from the scene of the film it was first heard in.

Melina Mercouri & Manos Hatzidakis - Ta Paidia Tou Peireia (The Children of the Piraeus) // Never On A Sunday



Melina Mercouri was a bit of a bad-ass as well. She was not only a successful actress, she was from an old-style Greek socialist family that had fought against fascists, and she conducted an international campaign against the military junta that controlled Greece in the 60s and 70s.

Later on, as Greek Minister of Culture, she proposed the European Capital of Culture programme.

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