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Povetkin vs Whyte 2 - Mar 27 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ฎ ๐ŸฅŠ

Who wins and how?   

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Yeh, he looked ancient. Whyte was throwing bombs the whole time but Povetkin just seemed unsteady from the opening bell. That said, i kept thinking that if Whyte got reckless, chasing it Povetkin may catch him cause hes savvy enough to still throw under pressure.ย 

It was a tad underwhelming though despite the finish, it just felt like righting a wrong. Would also like to see Povetkin hang them up now and go for a lie down.

Cheeseman/Metcalf on the undercard a humdinger.

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Povetkin looked shot enough in the first fight, but that was on another level last night. I wouldn't be surprised to him fight again, he shouldn't but if guys like Chisora can still be wheeled out and make that PPV money, they'll find a good enough reason for why he is still a threat. I'm still up for seeing Wilder vs. Whyte, Wilder wins that inside three rounds.ย 

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Fairplay to Whyte, he done what he had to do. Povetkin did look shot though. You cant begrudge Whyte being PPV with his resume. Back in Black is the best entrance music in boxing as well. Nice tribute to Hagler on his robe.

Ruiz and Wilder are the obvious opponents that people will call for but No one knows wheres Wilders heads at. It will be interesting to see how Ruiz looks in his next fight, looks like heโ€™s been on the Mexican beef since hooking up with Canelos trainer.

I dont think Usyk and Joyce is going to happen so it would be great to throw Whyte in that mix.ย 

Heavyweight boxing is flying at the moment.

Fury, Joshua, Whyte, Wilder, Ruiz, Parker, Usyk, Joyce, Wilder, delboy.

Cheeseman is never in a bad fight. FOTN for me.

Hatton was blowing outer his arse, he will be moved on very slowly i imagine.

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Yeh Hatton's debut was alright but its clearly gonna take a lot of time. The opponent was a good choice because he was durableย and it probably hammered home to viewers that Hatton is very much a novice.

Wardley/Molina was an odd co-main event. I probably had it 2-2 in going into the fifth and sniffed an upset because Molina was picking Wardley off whilst posturing. It really looked like Molina took the first chance out he could though. He gives it ago until he sniffs danger then hits the deck, it doesnt make for much of a spectacle. Doesn't do Wardley any favours either with the fans, two fights in a row now theres been real suspect finishes. The reaction on twitter was overwhelmingly negative.

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