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Wrestlemania 37 - April 10th & 11th

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This is chaotic. It honestly feels like "can you talk? Right, get on a mic now!"

What would've happened if this had gone down during the first match? The microphones are breaking, Joe and Cole look like they're visiting Niagara Falls, I'm waiting for a ring to get set up backstage at this rate.

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Moments indelibly etched into the annals of time.

A big shout out to anyone using Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels as positive, healthy examples of performers reacting professionally to the fictional wins and losses of their onscreen characters.

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This storm planning on going longer than that NXT main event?

I do love of as bit of a malfunction though, they're handling this dead well to their credit. Even if doing it still feels a bit daft.

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44 minutes ago, Angle_fan said:

So it's still not started yet then? 

Started about 1:30 in the end 

That tag team match must go down as one of the worst matches in mania history? Slips on the entrance, nipples popping out, the announcer getting it all wrong. Proper clusterfuck. 

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That weather delay proved so much that the talent isn't the issue, the material is. Half hour of wrestlers getting to show their personalities off unscripted was excellent and got me even more hyped for the show.

As far as the show, outside the women's match, I thought it was excellent. Bad Bunny was fantastic and probably the best celebrity in-ring performance there's ever been.

Sasha made Bianca look like a star and got her over huge.

Even Braun/Shane had a decent match. The wrestlers on the card were clearly emotional at the start, they've missed performing in front of a crowd so went all out.

Looking forward to tomorrow a bit more now.

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Bang up to date, I see Natalya & Tamina will be teaming in an upcoming Turmoil? That’s just perfect. It’s borderline offensive how they talk about Nattie being “one of the best of all time” when she’s only rarely been the best in the ring during any particular match, and Tamina’s been so crap and such an afterthought for so long you forget she’s employed until they need her for a Survivors or Rumble, and I remember thinking “fucking REALLY?” when she was made one of Paige’s first challengers to the main roster belt and how many years ago was THAT? Kane & Big Show levels of “just fuck off”, that pairing, except without the multiple title reigns a-piece.


I thought about adding “I bet they win.” Blame me. 🤦‍♂️ 

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All in all, I thought that was a pretty decent show. It helps that I watched this morning so could skip the weather delay. 

Other than the Women's Turmoil match, I thought every other match was enjoyable. Bad Bunny really got quite a lot in, didn't he? Fair play to the lad, the synchronised spot with Priest was great.

Braun and Shane had a decent showing, despite how shite the build for this match was. Shane needs to remember he's not a spring chicken any more and taking a back bump from that height is a serious risk, the crazy bastard.

Bianca becoming overcome with emotion at the start of the match really had me rooting for her, that was a really good feel good moment to end the show, which makes me think Reigns may retain tomorrow night. I can't see them doing two feel good moments to close the show.

What a strange visual to start the show with everyone on the stage with Vince, Steph, Shane, HHH and.....Roman front and centre. Most of the wrestlers were in their gear such as Mahal, Gulak and the like.

Into Night 2, I think the only match I'm not bothered about is Crispy Fiend Vs Orton in a straight up match. Would have loved something similar to the Cena match with Randy running through his old gimmicks, it would have been great to see a return of RNN Breaking News.


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Cesaro, Rollins and Bad Bunny top 3 of the night with Banks and Belair running not far behind. Weird night, but fantastic show.

This was my daughters first ppv watching live and she loved it from start to finish. Thankfully we’re not repeating it again tonight, getting too old for this 5am bedtime malarkey.

Feel bad for Drew, all his big moments to empty rooms full of monitors, carries RAW through the pandemic only to get steamrollered by the Lashley renaissance.

Yes, the turmoil match was fairly basic it was for the most part competent (and nice of Mandy to pay tribute to HOF inductee Daley Boy Smith by falling on her fookin’ arse - AJ almost had a moment as well later on). Extra points for Dana thinking the crowd were popping for her, not the fall as well. Really should have been the Riott Squad to get the match tomorrow but instead we get the really unenticing all heels matchup instead. Thought it was an odd choice given their recent program feuding with the champs that Naomi and Lana went out first. 

Other than that Shane’s cage bump looked sore, he didn’t get himself flattened out and came down all on his shoulders and neck. Hopefully no lasting damage, over 50 and not a regular athlete is a dangerous combo.

Have to say, if they want to keep going with 16 match cards I’m happy for them to have 2 nights and the pre-show on Smackdown every year. The 3 hours (post delay) zipped by and nothing felt rushed. 

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My only hope is that Jax/Baszler vs Natalya/Tamina sounds like the most boring, uninspiring piss break match of all time where there’s nobody to root for, because they’re going to do a Poundland version of the Hardys return and insert surprise entrants. NXT call-ups, reform the Iiconics, SOMETHING. Anything.

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Save yourself the agg that comes with Brock Lesnar and just pay BudBunny to be a drop-in champion.

Fucking hell.

BadBunny, Cesaro and Seth Rollins stole the show. Christ. I think hell may have frozen over.

They could have done worst than letting Miz keep the title and doing Miz/Bunny as a world title match, with how flat Lashley/Drew ended up being.

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Enjoyed the Cesaro and Rollins match a lot  in a vacuum but it’s hard to care when Rollins is coming off one the worst babyface runs of all time with the fiend stuff and a horrific heel character and Cesaro has been a nothing for 10 years. It’s too late for me.

Drew match was ok too and a good finish. WWE has no stars so I’m all for them trying to make one. Good stuff.

women’s tag was embarrassing and is what happens when you try to stuff everyone on the show because it’s wrestlemania. When 70% of your women’s roster are the shits, this is bound to happen.

Main event I thought was very good. Sasha is just tremendous. Not sure if it was the setting but it didn’t feel like a big moment for bianca though. Something was missing. Bryan at Mania 30 it wasn’t. But I did enjoy it a lot. Just keep this woman away from shite like Natalya, Tamina and Carmella for her first run.

Bad Bunny made a very good show of himself. Thought it was a good celebrity match and he seemed like a big deal.

Everything else was fine. Good show but not a wrestlemania. I think if we took the best of tonight and the best of last night we’d get a great show.

Oh and Hogan getting bood was a lovely touch. 

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It really says a lot about Jerry Lawler that on a show with that tag turmoil match and a storm intermission, he was the worst thing on it by a considerable distance. Is there anyone out there who didn't exhale a sigh when he was announced as a special guest commentator? 

I enjoyed it otherwise, though. Even with a third capacity or whatever it was, it felt very much like business as usual once things got going. And like the last year has proved, business as usual looks a whole lot better now for just about anything. 

Sarah Schreiber and the new Irish guy deserve credit for getting through about a dozen quick fire promos during the first half an hour without really breaking a sweat. I did laugh when Lashley just walked in on Shane's promo and Shane very quietly left the shot. Again credit to Drew for - actually quite convincingly - making it feel like they were just going to get a jump on the weather situation and just start the match backstage. 

And tonight's got the real main event. Surely it's bound to have at least one decent surprise, even if they're understandably content having this be a bit of a sleeper year. 

Oh, and the crowd were having none of Hogan! Check out the live videos. You love to see it. 

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